Simon June

Rebeka's long-suffering father


A broad, bald man with a neat, greying goatee and a quiet, but warm demeanour. He looks far older than he actually is.


Simon befriended David, and his older sister, Charlotte, when they were all just children. As they grew up, Simon and Charlotte became close and married very young.

Not long after their marriage, they had a daughter and took over running the June family’s moisture farm. Charlotte became ill in her mid-twenties and sadly passed away. After his loss, Simon became very protective of his daughter, something he realised was futile when she became a teenager and started wandering the deserts.

David moved to the farm to help Simon with the running and Rebeka’s upbringing.

He was killed when Darth Lykat and Lord Sindris kidnapped him as a “warning” to the party to cease there involvement in Terrns work, and was marginally successful.

Simon June

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