Sieth Dran


A male Zabrak, he spent much of his working life on Raxus Prime, sifting through junk for the treasures others threw away.

In fact he made a reputation of being what he called a Lost-and-finder, Recovering lost items and repairing them to good order, or good health in the case of people before selling them back to there rightful owners at a profit. in the case of people he generally ensured they were willing to go, and if he couldn’t find a ‘buyer’ after a couple of weeks he either offered them a job or let them go about Raxus on there own, but he wouldn’t tell the buyer that.

Sieth is approachable and friendly, despite appearances, Joking that Cut Up is enough Pessimism and Brutality for the pair of them.

U’tl Has a contact in him, the Zabrak being rather taken with the Violet Twi’lek

Sieth Dran

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