Rebeka June

Human Scrounger


Female Human Scrounger (Fringer 6, Tech Specialist 3) 9, Blockade Runner 3

Strength 14 ( +2) Size: Medium
Dexterity 18 ( +4) Height: 1.6 meters
Constitution 12 ( +1) Weight: 60 kg
Intelligence 13 ( +1) Skin: Caucasian
Wisdom 14 ( +2) Eyes: Brown
Charisma 13 ( +1) Hair: Orange (naturally blonde)

Total Vitality Points: 67
Total Wound Points: 12

Speed: 10 meters / round

Defense: 22 (10, 8 Class, +4 Dex)
Touch: 14
Flat-footed: 18
Initiative modifier: +8 (dex)
Fortitude save: +7
Reflex save: +11
Will save: +9
Attack (Heavy blaster pistol): +12/
7 (3d8 + 1, Fort DC18)
Attack (Blaster pistol): +12 (3d6, Fort DC15)
Grapple check: +10
Reputation: 3

Light load: 21.5kg
Medium load: 43kg
Heavy load: 65kg
Lift over head: 65kg
Lift off ground: 130kg
Push or drag: 325kg

Speak/Read/write basic
Speak/Read/write Huttese
Speak/Read/write Jawa Trade Language
Understand Binary

Skills: Appraise +8, Astrogate +15, Climb +8, Computer Use +10, Craft (blasters) +11, Demolitions +8, Disable Device +10, Gamble +8, Handle Animal +5, Hide +10, Jump +6, Knowledge (engineering) +16,Knowledge (Streetwise) +6, Listen +11, Pilot +21 (while flying the Dawnstar), Repair +15 (19 with jury rig), Search +10, Spot +11, Survival +9, Treat Injury +8, Craft (electronic devices) +6.

Feats: Weapon group Proficiencies (Blaster pistols, Primitive weapons, Simple Weapons), Gearhead, Starship Operation (transport), Starship Dodge (transport), Skill Emphasis (repair), Improved Initiative, Iron Will.

Class/Racial abilities: Scrounging. Jury Rig +2, Barter +5

GM Abilities: Darkside sensitivity- Rebeka gets a +2 bonus to resist dark side abilities, she can also detect dark side points in other characters higher than her own dark side point total.

Credits: 54,225

GM Bonuses
Rebeka has a set of goggles designed by herself that function as a mechanical interface visor. The item gives the same bonuses, except there is a 5% chance the goggle’s energy cell is used and needs replacing.

Because of growing up on Tatooine, Rebeka finds hot environments to be easier to survive than most, but tends to feel the cold more than most. She gets a +2 to fort saves to resist hot environments, but -2 to fort saves to resist cold environments.

Rebeka gains the bonus language Jawa Trade language at 1st level, due to dealing with jawa’s in her past.


Rebeka June was born and raised on Tatooine, and had never left her home planet. Her mother sadly died when she was still very young and Rebeka was raised by her father, and to a lesser extent, her uncle. The family own a moisture farm, located not far from Anchorhead.

Rebeka had a passionate interest in machinery and mechanics from a tender age, and during her teenage years she spent a lot of time exploring, and trading with the planet’s Jawas. She decided to turn her hobby into a ‘business’, and set up a small shop within the farm, where she buys, sells, trades and offers minor repairs. Business was slow for the first year, until Rebeka started trading in Anchorhead, gaining something of a reputation. She and her acquaintances send business each others’ way and a newcomer who goes to Rebeka’s shop will undoubtedly have come from one of her associates.

However, Rebeka gets bored easily and has been known to abandon her uncle with her shop for hours to go scrounging for new treasures (or occasionally drinking) and she has been ripped off more than once by her weakness for eye-catching, shiny or unusual objects and metals.

"Just as I expected, just as I was told, nothing has changed. I don’t feel better, not even slightly. Maybe if I’d been able to get my hands on her properly, choke her to death myself… But that was never going to happen.

And now Terrn… Well, there is so much blood on our hands already, what’s a bit more?"

Rebeka June

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