Jace Dawnstar

Mandalorian Soldier


Male Human Soldier 19

Strength 16 ( +3) Size: Medium
Dexterity 22 ( +6) Height: 1.8 meters
Constitution 19 ( +4) Weight: 106 kg
Intelligence 11 ( +0) Skin: Tan
Wisdom 11 ( +0) Eyes: Blue
Charisma 9 ( -1) Hair: Brown

Total Vitality Points: 177
Total Wound Points: 19

Speed: 10 meters / round

Defense: 30 (10, +12 Class, +6 Dex, +2 defensive martial arts)
Touch: 18
Flat-footed: 22
Initiative modifier: +6
Fortitude save: +12
Reflex save: +10
Will save: +10
Ranged Attack +25
Melee attack +22
Grapple check: +22
Reputation: 9 (7 class, +2 Mandalorian, +2 Hutt killer)

Light load: 38kg
Medium load: 76.5kg
Heavy load: 115kg
Lift over head: 115kg
Lift off ground: 230kg
Push or drag: 575kg

Speak/Read/write basic
Speak/Read/write Mando’a

Skills: Computer use +5, Craft (blasters) +4 Craft (Armour) +8, Demolitions +20, Intimidate +14(20), Knowledge (Tactics) +15, Knowledge (Sith Lore) +9 ,Pilot +10, Repair +5, Treat injury +10, Tumble +7

Feats: Ambidexterity, Armour proficiency (light, Medium, Powered), Defensive Martial Arts, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Wrist Weapons)(Lightsabers), Far Shot, Heroic Surge, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Infamy, Martial Arts, Multishot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Steadfast Determination, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon group Proficiency (Blaster pistols, Blaster Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Simple Weapons, Vibro weapons)

Class/Racial abilities: Marauder Training.

Credits: 1000
4000 untraceable credits

GM Bonuses
Due to the familiarity of the mandalorian armour, at times Jace may add his Rep bonus to his intimidate checks, provided the character has knowledge of the deeds of mandalorians.

Jace has 1 dark side point to begin with, for the brutality of the mandalorian way of life.

Jace gets the infamy fate for free, due to the infamous brutality of the mandolorians.

Jace, like many mandalorian crusaders has grown accustomed to the armour he’s worn and modified over the years. Because of this, his armour has no speed penalties or armour check penalties, but Jace is compelled to keep his armour as long as possible, and may not buy a new set unless his current set is beyond repair.

GM Bonus Feat Jetpack training:
Because of the training that Jace has undergone as a Mandalorian, he may use a Jetpack as explained in the arms and equipment guide, with the following exception. he may use a Jetpack as a free action as part of a full attack action. so he may jump, or indeed fly, as well as use all his attacks. (others may use jetpacks but must use them as a move action, and so cannot use a full attack action). Note that he can only do this as part of a Full attack action, used as it is it’s still a move action, and if he attempts to jump without a jetpack this still counts as a move action. All mandalorians have this feat, provided they are of a heroic class, for free.


Jace says very little about his past, save that he is a proud Mandalorian warrior and he harbours an intense hatred for the Sith, and for the current Mandalore.

Jace’s entire clan was killed when he was young, apart from his Father who was away with Jace at the time of the attack. Jace’s father was killed shortly after by the twi’lek Sith who had eradicated the clan, Jace survived the attack where his Father did not, and swore from that day to hunt down and kill all Sith and to depose the current mandalore who he believed to be a Sith puppet.

Jace is extremely private, never seen outside his armour and rarely taking his helmet off, except for the odd meal. Jace is a skilled warrior with knowledge of demolitions, military tactics and field medicine and an insight into the lore of the Sith and Mandalorian culture.

The Origin of Jace


War against the Sith, this is where I do best. We will wipe out every single Sith in this cluster and make Ternn pay for what he’s done.

Jace Dawnstar

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