Artefacts of Old

Episode 63: Extraction on Daruvvia

The Doors on either side of the corridor led to more corridors that led to other accesses, the sounds of battle ringing out from both of them as the other teams were making there way to the control centre. Lanyef sealed these doors before following everyone else into the lift. They went up to the command centre and in a moment of brief surprise realised they were facing the wrong way.
“Fire!” shouted the commander, A cyborg with bionic eyes and a rebreather. Stebe sensed the sudden danger and took a defensive stance. The Berserkers screeched at them, drawing there lightsabers as the troops opened fire. Stebe reflected five of the bolts away, being grazed by one of them. Rak reacted, hurrying out of the lift and returning fire, killing one of the officers. Stebe focused her power, calming her companions spirits in the midst of battle. Rebeka was suddenly finding it easier to avoid the incoming fire as she ran in, Jace storming into the command centre and blasting away at another Officer, killing him, and blasting another officer taking cover behind a control panel. Lanyef took cover as well, blasting and injuring another officer. The Berserker’s leapt at Stebe, locking her down as the officers fired on the others. Rak blasted the nearest berserker several times, much of the damage being deflected away by the droids shields. Stebe matched the droids for skill, and with her knowledge of the force surpassed them, destroying one of the droids in a flurry of orange and green, and damaging the other. Rebeka rushed past the droid, swinging at her fleeting form as she blasted at another Officer, wounding him. Jace blasted another officer, killing him, and then firing on the commander, who took cover behind a console. Lanyef blasted the Berserker with his ion pistol, dropping it’s shields as the Berserker struck at Stebe, the Jedi blocking the swings calmly.
“Take out the Mandalorian!” ordered the commander, the officers fired a barrage of bolts in Jaces direction, causing a few minor burns on the Mandalorian. Rak continued fire on the droid as Stebe cut it down, destroying the droid entirely. The officers stood there ground as Rebeka continued to fire on an Officer, killing him then aiding Jace with the commander, catching him in the side. Jace managed to flank him, blasting at the commanders now exposed position, gunning him down, before he spun on the remaining officers killing them both.
Jace was about to finish off one of the officers when Stebe stopped him.
“Do not kill them, we can’t learn more about what is going on here if they’re dead.”
“I’m sure we can figure this out on our own.” Said Jace, looting the dead officers.
Stebe approached the dying commander, struggling to breathe through a respirator that wouldn’t function.
“You want me to fix it?” asked Rebeka.
“I doubt it would do him much good.” Said Stebe. “You used to be Captain Vorstanton. Your appearance has altered significantly since your records were updated. As far as I’m aware, you didn’t suffer any serious injuries so why do you have so many modifications?”
“The age of metal is coming.” He managed, “Beings of flesh like yourselves will be swept away.”
“You are a being of flesh as well, you will never not be while blood still runs through your heart.”
“That is for Taivus to decide.” He then observed the others. “I know your faces, you made all of this possible. You have no idea the horrors that await you in the Hapes cluster, it has changed since you were last here. We will be watching…” he said finally, and breathed no more.
Rak blasted him as an additional measure, an action Stebe found in poor taste.
“Have some pity.” She said, pushing his blaster away.
“No.” said Rak moving away, Stebe watched him go.
“Sorry. He is a pirate after all, it’s the company we keep.”
“I am somewhat apprehensive of this company you keep.” Said Stebe, “You may act like this in the past but while around me I suggest you keep such actions to a minimum.”
“I’ll act how I see fit to keep us all alive.” Said Jace.
Stebe glowered, “Sith disguise Murder as Mercy.”
“Okay enough, we’re done here. Everyone stop arguing.” Warned Rebeka. “We are on the same side.”
Stebe sighed, “You are right Rebeka. I’m Sorry.” She said, directing her apology toward Jace.
“Jace?” said Rebeka.
The mandalorian shrugged and walked off.
“he’s probably sorry.” She whispered to Stebe.
“I don’t believe so. The Mandalorian culture seeks conflict, the Jedi tried to show them another way, but even that failed. We need Survivors to be questioned, not killed.”
“Well, That’s all well and good, but if that’s the case we’ll need to reach them first.” Said Rebeka.
“In that case in future I will have to consider which missions you are sent on.”

The Battle was ended swiftly once the station was taken, the imperial fleet retreated and the information was passed on to each of the Resistances ships. The Hearthfire was the only ship to accompany the Indrexu Confederations fleet, the remainder of the Republic battlegroup remaining to protect the station. The Dawnstar returned to the Hearthfire prior to the jump into the cluster.
And after leaving some final instructions they all entered Hyperspace.

They arrived in the Lorelli reach an hour after leaving.
“What’s the next objective?” asked Rebeka.
“We need to make our way to the planet of Darruvia.”
“It might be better to know the plan ahead of time, so we can carry on if you or the others fall.” Said Jace.
“All the people that need to know the plan know the plan.” She said brusquely.
“I’m sorry, aren’t we your crew in this.” Said Rebeka.
“Why are you keeping us in the dark Stebe.” Said Jace.
“We are not entirely sure about all of you yet.” She said.
“The feelings mutual.” Muttered Rak.
“But we’ve worked together before.” Said Rebeka, offended by the admission.
“Yes, but there is every chance that you are not necessarily suited to the responsibility being put on you. This next mission will determine if you are still suitable to be here or not. Now we will reconvene in a few hours when we know more.” She said, and marched away down the corridor. Rebeka couldn’t help but follow her to try to understand why they were being doubted, she could feel Stebe was disappointed.
“I don’t think you and I are going to be considered ‘suitable’ somehow.” Said Jace to Rak.

Despite Stebe’s misgivings, they all arrived on the bridge when it was time. Taylen and Bob had joined the four of them along with Stebe and Captain Starfire, and Admiral Krin by Hologram.
“We received a response from the Darruvian resistance. They are ready to leave planet and join our alliance.” Said Captain Starfire.
“Then we haven’t much time.” Said Stebe, “now that we’re in the cluster, we’ll have our work cut out for us.”
“Good work by the way.” Said Taylen to Rebeka, “I hope you’ll be just as good covering our skins.”
“When do we not.” Grinned Rebeka.
“The Darruvian Resistance is our contact in the Hapes Cluster. As the war spread throughout the cluster, many of the cells went radio dark to prevent being exterminated. The Darruvian Resistance is willing to give us information regarding these cells in exchange for there extraction. We need to help them so we can locate either the queen mother or the members of the consortium that have survived. Once they are located, we can strike back at the Scourge and locate Taivus.”
“The Lost Cause and myself will land and begin the evacuation. The Dawnstar will fly support, ensuring any imperial ships do not hit us while we’re vulnerable.”
“I guess we are protecting your skins.” Said Rebeka.
“Yeah, that’s what I meant.” Said Taylen.
“We don’t get as much information as you, someone thinks it’s a good idea to keep us in the dark.” Said Jace deliberately, Stebe ignored him.
“We’ll keep you safe,” reassured Rebeka.
“I hope that’s true.” Said Stebe.
“I’ll be coming too.” Said Captain Starfire.
“We have Stebe, we won’t really need anyone else.” Said Taylen.
“I can only fly support for the rest of this campaign, as Republic attacks would only complicate the situation so I will help where I can. Besides You’ll need someone to watch your behind while your down there.”
Taylen huffed as Bob gave a small smirk, Rebeka picking up on the gesture.

Darruvia was an agricultural planet famous for it’s wine. The resistance was holed up in an ancient Raiders fort on the far side of the planet and led by Gared Nakara, a well built, tall Hapan.
The Lost Cause and The Dawnstar headed straight there. They were joined by confederate fighters to assist in the Lost Cause’s defence, and the fleet was to come in should the Scourges minimal presence prove too much for them.
“So,” said the comm when they closed on the target coordinates. “this is going to be a walk in the park right, no transports are going to land and harass us at all.” Said Taylen.
“Please, look who you’re talking to.” Replied Rebeka.
Taylen chuckled, “I thought as much.”
As The Lost Cause landed before the Resistance Stronghold, The Dawnstar and Fighters remained nearby to protect them. The first transports appeared to the east, coming across the open farmlands. The Dawnstar hurried towards them, to try and take out as many as they could before they got within striking distance. Seeing an Imperial fury ahead of them, leading the assault, they opened fire on it, destroying the interceptor and scattering the fighters nearby, who focused on them, hitting the Dawnstar’s shields as the transports passed them. Rebeka put the Dawnstar into a tight Half loop, concentrating on the transports.
“We’re loading up now.” Said Taylen over the comm.
“Alright, hurry it up, we have company.”warned Rebeka.
They concentrated on the transports initially, damaging one of the transports as they closed in on the resistance base. As they chased the transports, they were attacked by four fighters trying to cause them to disengage, but the Dawnstar destroyed them then carried on towards the damaged transport, destroying it’s escorts then finally the transport itself, before attacking the other transport and destroying that too. More transports were already on there way as the confederation fighters took out the remaining fighters. A few more fighters were taken out by the Dawnstar as it launched at the second wave of transports.
“we have half the resistance aboard!” updated Taylen as the Dawnstar blasted another Transport, exploding it in a fireball. The Dawnstar was hit on the back port as it tried to avoid the transports escorts, but it’s shields still held. They blasted two fighters as they moved to another wing of fighters, blasting 2 fighters and shooting up the fourth transport. More transports and a second fury flew towards them, determined to capture the resistance. They further destroyed another two fighters before destroying the landing transport just in time. The other imperial ships closed on there position, the fury launching a missile in there direction. Fighters locking onto the Dawnstar, harassing it’s shields further. The Dawnstar destroyed the missile, further damaging the Sith fury, allowing one of the confederation fighters to take it out. The lost cause was beginning to take of as another transport started landing, The Dawnstar hurrying to cover it’s escape, destroying several fighters and the landing transport, before The Lost cause, Dawnstar and remaining fighters escaped Darruvia, and the Imperial forces behind.



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