The following are the additional weapons available in this Era, as well as those featured in the main rule book. The licenses below are available throughout the galaxy but not all are available on every planet.

There are several types of weapon and they are sorted into availability and legality order.

Prevalent items are available absolutely anywhere, provided there is some sort of trade on a planet.
Common items are available at nearly every civilised planet, depending on the type of item. your less likely to see the items the further away from the core you get.
Specialised items are available only in certain clusters, and very rare without. Selling items out of the cluster of origin can sometimes get you a better deal. when starting at level 1, you may select 1 specialised Item if you so wish, but you must still be able to afford it.
Rare items are rarely sold in stores, and occasionally end up in the wrong hands. A character may choose 1 rare item to own at 1st level, but you must be able to afford it and have a valid RP reason to own such an item.

licensed items require a license to be kept. normally such weapons are generally ignored by security and unless the officer has some gripe with you they are unlikely to check the license. a license costs 10% of the items base wealth if you want to be law abiding citizens, but if you don’t don’t worry much about law enforcement, unless you do something to attract attention. at 1st level, it is assumed you already have licenses for any equipment you buy, but keep it in mind if you buy a new item.
Restricted items rarely find there way into heroes hands by legal means, but sometimes special dispensation is given to heroes who work for certain factions. The allies a hero makes the likelihood of acquiring such items greater, but again, a license shouldn’t be worried about unless you get the attention of the law.
Military items are never offered to heroes in stores concerned with legality. the outer rim territories occasionally have the odd item find it’s way into the local traders equipment, but purchasing such an item is likely to draw more attention in the more militant of core worlds. you may not own any militaary items at the start of the game, unless you have an RP reason for owning such equipment.
Illegal items are found only on the black market or in unscrupulous hands, and are probably more trouble than they’re worth. concealing such items is advisable when entering more law abiding systems, and in some systems it may be better just to leave it on the ship, or face the consequences. nobody may own an illegal item without an RP reason at 1st level

The standard fare are all prevalent items, and most weapons, while licensed include such licenses in the base price.

Standard Fare

Modifications and personalisations

Ranged Weapon corporation licenses

Galactic Solutions Industries
Czerka Corporation
Systech Corporation
Minor corporate licenses
Exotic corporate licenses

Melee Weapon corporation licenses

Czerka Corporation Melee division
Systech Corporation Melee division
Minor corporate melee licenses
Exotic corporate melee licenses

Armour corporation Licenses

Krongbing Interstellar Fashions Licenses
Ayelixe Fabrico licenses
Maxis Powered Systems Licenses
minor or military armour licenses

Additional Items

Computer interface Visor
Aural Amplifier
Demolitions Sensor
Motion Sensing Visor
Neural band
Stealth Field Generator
Vacuum Mask
Medical interface Visor
Mechanical Interface Visor
Adrenal Stimulant


Artefacts of Old Shadowkage