location: Outer Rim
Type: Arid

Ryloth, also known as Twi’lek, and Twi’lek Prime, was the harsh, rocky homeworld of the Twi’leks, an Outer Rim Territories world located on the Corellian Run and forming one endpoint of the Death Wind Corridor. One side of the planet perpetually faced its sun and the other remained in darkness, a phenomenon known as tidal locking. The dayside was referred to as the Bright Lands and the night-side was known as the Nightlands.

The second planet in the Ryloth system, possessed a thin, but breathable atmosphere. The planet was orbited by five moons, which had subtle tidal effects on the planet’s liquid core and underground springs. It had little or no surface water except for patches of water ice on the night side.
It was a planet of extremes: dry, rocky landscapes of deserts, mountain ranges with mist-covered peaks, shadowy valleys, alternated with snowy wastes, joined by lush temperate bands which concentrated much of its population.

The night side of Ryloth was punctuated by diverse, luminescent forests of crystalline flora
Because of its unusual day-night rotation period, atmospheric conditions on Ryloth’s surface were characterized by turbulent seasons and extremely high winds (reaching 500 kilometers per hour) scouring the surface and sculpting the landscape and unpredictable bursts of heat called heat storms, which could reach 300 degrees centigrade. The more extreme heat storms sometimes moved across the terminator and reached miles underground, making caves near the surface temporarily uninhabitable, before eventually dying out on the night side.
Along the terminator lay a thin habitable border, a twilight realm between the two extremes. Along this narrow strip were the series of caverns where some of the Twi’leks decided to build their underground cities, blockaded with thick blast doors and portcullises to keep out the vicious monsters that prowled the Bright Lands.

Ryloth was originally discovered by Old Republic explorers and was one of the first worlds discovered in the Outer Rim. Located at one end of the Corellian Run, it was one of the few worlds of the galaxy further from the Galactic Core than Tatooine.
Civilization on Ryloth at the time of its discovery was not particularly advanced. Twi’leks integrated windmills and turbines to power their homes and industries carved out of the mountains. The cultivation of fungi and molds provided nourishment for the populace, as did the rearing of the domesticated herd animals rycrits for meat. Twi’leks never developed space travel, but instead expanded throughout the galaxy by trading with the Republic, variously negotiating, charming, or seducing their way to the stars.

Places of note.

Bright Lands
The Bright Lands was the name given to the side of Ryloth that was baked in eternal sunlight. Traditionally, Twi’lek clan leaders were sent here to die if one of their fellow clan leaders had died, either natural causes or in some cases, assassination. This tradition was instumental in the changing of hands within the planetary government. In extreme cases, criminals were also exiled to the Bright Lands as a form of capital punishment.

  • The Floating Rock Gardens
    The Floating Rock Gardens of Ryloth were a tourist attraction on the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth, well known throughout the Outer Rim Territories. However, because of their proximity to the Bright Lands, very few people usually saw them. There was a small entry fee. A unique atmospheric effect directed the winds blowing through its cavernous tunnels and allowed rocks to float on the wind, like solid clouds. There were thousands of small, colorful and unique stones left by previous visitors, as well as a few large boulders. Visitors could rearrange the floating rocks to any formation they chose, but were encouraged to simply let the wind move them naturally. Watching the natural configurations of the stones without interfering was a tenet of Twi’lek philosophy

Jixuan desert
The Jixuan desert was an area on the planet Ryloth located in the southern Hemisphere.

The Nightlands
The Nightlands were an area of the planet Ryloth. Due to Ryloth’s unusual rotation, the planet had two regions, one half of the planet was in constant daylight and the other in permanent night, known as the Nightlands. The Nightlands had an eerie beauty. Strange crystal-like plants evolved here, glowing from within, having to produce their own light from which to make energy due to the absence of natural light. These plants were a sight to behold, but many predators and criminals dwelt in the Nightlands and it was often the site of podracing spectacles. The huge crystal trees often distracted the pilots, causing them to crash and explode, much to the crowd’s amusement. Nightlands were in the “darkside” which was the nickname given to the hemisphere of Ryloth’s which was shrouded in eternal night due to tidal locking.

The Lonely Five Range
The Lonely Five Range was a mountain range on Ryloth, located near Kala’uun.

  • Kala’uun
    Kala’uun was a large subterranean city on Ryloth, within the Lonely Five mountain range. Like all cities on Ryloth, it was located along the twilight terminator separating day from night. It had a large spaceport that was the center of interplanetary commerce for the Twi’leks. To protect it from heat storms and the native lylek, a massive portcullis blocks the only accessible underground tunnel to the city. The upper layers of the city hosted shops, tourist attractions, schools, and business opportunities that drew visitors from around the galaxy. The lower levels were rarely seen by visitors. These levels mainly featured residential areas and shops catering to residents. The largest and most opulent houses were located closest to the surface, spanning for a little more than a kilometer. Below them were more modest housing and excellent restaurants serving authentic Twi’lek food. At the very bottom and side caverns were where slums were located. Here the poorest Twi’leks tended to Rycrit cattle and raised algae for a living. Visitors were not allowed to enter the lower levels unless they had a special pass or were accompanied by a resident.

Seko Cantina
The Seko Cantina was a cantina on the planet Ryloth.

Bashka was a village on Ryloth that, like most Twi’lek settlements, was carved into a cavern of a mountain. It was located along the thin line that separated the planet between the blistering heat of the Bright Lands and the deadly cold of night side.

Cazne was a city on the planet of Ryloth.

Joreikna was a large city on Ryloth. Some of its business came from local mining of ryll, but the city was not dependent on mining for income.

Kala’din was a city on Ryloth.

Lessu was one of the two capital cities of Ryloth and endpoint of the Death Wind Corridor.

  • Twi’lek Clan Council
    Centralized in the capital of Lessu, the council was formed by five male Twi’leks who represented the Twi’lek clans, and were responsible for community decisions on Ryloth. This system was extremely effective for hundreds of years. When one councilmember died, all the remaining members were to walk the Bright Lands, where they would die for certain.

Leb’Reen was a city and Twi’lek clan warren on Ryloth.

Lohema was a small mining town that was located on the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth. The community became prosperous while digging for ryll and precious metals.

Nabat was a small city located on the planet Ryloth.

Resdin was a city located on the planet of Ryloth.

Sal’kaasa was a small settlement on Ryloth.


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