location: Unknown Regions
Type: Arid

The planet itself is not particularly habitable, those that are planet side are researching an archeological dig site. since the Republics decimation, the research is no longer funded by the republic. Fortunately the station above earns enough wealth to support the research.

Places of note.

Rycus Nels Jedi Academy
From what Jaca Terrn and his team of scientists can determine, the planet was where Rycus nel, an ancient human Jedi who lived 20,000 years BSC, formed a Jedi Academy. The Jedi was known to be a brilliant Investigator and tested his padawans skills of perception and problem solving on a regular basis. Meera is so obscure many Scientists believe finding the academy was part of the test for his padawans, given the difficulty of finding the planet in the first place.

The Terrn Dig site

Located twenty miles from the nearest water source, The dig site is actually divided into four camps that are several miles apart. Camp 1 features Terrns Office as well as the landing platform for the cargo shuttles. Camps 2 and 3 are where several buildings were once built, and camp 4 is where the Academy was recovered.

Station Meera
Once a Research Station, Station Meera is not somewhere most people stay. Those that do are usually stuck there, or because of the obscurity of the stations location stay to do shady business. When The war broke out Station Meera was left to fend for itself. The Hyperspace scouts still plotted the route, and Trade went on. Terrn hit upon the idea of turning Station Meera into a stop over. To manys surprise people flocked to the station, Refugees with nowhere else to go and desiring to be as far from the war as possible set up business on the station and the artifacts found planetside made the station a beacon to collectors. Terrns loyalty was still to the republic and most Artifacts still went to representatives of the Republic, though at a price in order to keep the dig funded. Terrn is under no illusions that the dig will eventually run dry, and he and his team will move on, leaving station Meera to drift empty above it’s planet.

  • Auction House
    Found in the Green Quadrant on Floor 1, and run by the ever cheerful Kelly, Auction House is where all the major artifact selling goes on. When not selling artifacts it doubles as a place to rent rooms. while priority is normally given to Auction guests, Auction house has still yet to run out of rooms at any one time.
  • Port side
    The port side is so called because unlike most hangars on space stations, all the hangars are located on one side of the station. Traffic in portside is always coming and going, either from the planet surface or back to Kinyen to rejoin the rest of the galaxy.
  • Czerka Corp
    The Czerka corporation has a store on Station meera, located in the Red Quadrant on floor 2. It is run by Ruthe, Kelly’s twin sister.
  • Aratech Industries
    Found in the Red Quadrant on Floor 2, the Aratech industries store was the only store that didn’t bow to pressure from Navik. The store remains empty and burned out, and is one of the reasons the station is in such bad shape, being the only supply of droids at the time.
  • Slim pickings
    Found in the Red Quadrant on Floor 2, Slim pickings is actually a successful Casino. it doubles as a place to relax that doesn’t assault the senses as much as High Tone. There are several Pazaak and Sabacc dealing tables as well as a Jubilee wheel set. The owner is a Human named Tyber, who isn’t too pleased about paying some of his profit to Navik every week.
  • High Tone
    Found in The Red Quadrant on Floor 2, High Tone is a nightclub renowned for it’s loud music. so much so that nobody is to dance longer than a few hours or suffer serious hearing difficulties. The club serves drinks, and the bar staff and professional dancers are given earplugs in order for them to cover there shift without suffering hearing disabilities.
    The reason for the loud music is the partially deaf Ortolan DJ named Beeb. he thinks the music is at the right decibel regardless of who tells him it’s not. Ironically, it’s this very reason it is the most popular place on the station. While black light lights most of the dance floor and club, the seating and booths are within a floor lit sound dampening shield which once passed through immediately puts the customer in a soundless bubble. at these seats and booths, people can not only talk to each other, but it’s impossible to listen in on conversations unless your within the same shield. The professional dancers of this club are Twi’leks and Zeltrons, and normally wear ultraviolet paint that brings out the features on there figure under the black light.
  • Meera Security Office
    Found on the top Floor, The security Office covers the entire floor and is only accessible from the lift at the security point in the Red quadrant. it has full view of space outside and while the rest of the station seems to have gone to hell, the security office has remained immaculately kept. Sergeant Blip, mans a very small crew of officers that he claims are enough to keep the peace, despite station Meera’s reputation.
  • Station workings the warmest part of the station, the heating and power all comes from the level beneath Green Quadrant. Not only is it dangerous to move around, but blaster fire is a definite danger, as much of the workings are shielded to avoid such damage being caused to the workings.
  • Medical bay a well designed medical Bay, the bay covers the entirety of blue Quadrant on floor 2. given the unknown the archaeologists are searching for, the medical bay is ready to supply whatever they may need. In practice thus far, only a few of the actual workers have ever needed to visit the bay. The Medical Officer is the Selkath, Shrada.


Artefacts of Old Shadowkage