Food and Currency


Food types are abundant in the star wars galaxy, Every type of food imaginable can be purchased from all sorts of restaurants and markets. Every food ever conceived of in star wars can be found here, and the Beverages available are found here. These aren’t needed to be known, but more to give you an idea of the types of foods available in star wars.

Real life foodstuffs exist in one form or another, so even if you’ve no idea what people in the star wars universe eat, going off food in real life won’t be all that confusing.


The Republic Credit or Galactic standard credit is the standard unit of currency used throughout150px republic credit symbol.svg the galaxy. most come in coins or notes, but Credit chips are normally a much easier method of carrying this currency. A real life equivalent is about £1=1 credit and it’s rare that anyone will ask for any less than a full credit. during this Era, most planets accept the Republic Dactari as a currency as well as there own type, but the exchange rate can give you better or worse deals.

Food and Currency

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