Drugs are a common smuggling cargo that usually get better pay due to it’s legality. Drugs do have beneficial effects, though the withdrawal suffered afterwards usually puts people off taking them as a lifestyle choice.

Spice was slang for various mind-altering drugs. Varieties included ryll and the strongest (and most expensive), glitterstim. The planet Kessel was rich with these spices, which were harvested from dangerous mines, at one point in history by slave labor. Sevarcos II, Rori, Ryloth, and Troiken were other sources of spice. The word could also refer to non-narcotic herbs and minerals used to give foods or drinks flavor.

Andris was the most common spice variant. Mined on Sevarcos, it was commonly added to food both for its properties of enhancing flavor and preventing spoilage, the latter of which made it especially valuable on extremely slow starships early in the days of Galactic travel.
Raw andris, when mined, was tan and crumbly, and was originally used in this form; however, it was later learned that it could be refined to a white crystalline form that also provided a slight sensory enhancement to its users.
Andris could be further refined into an addictive stimulant form that provided for even stronger sensory enhancement. Deep freezing also greatly enhanced its properties. While raw and refined andris was legal under the Old Republic, the highly-refined variety was not.

Ryll was a relatively weak form of spice used to create a number of medicines used throughout the galaxy. It could be combined with glitterstim to create glitteryll. Ryll kor was another type of ryll, used primarily for medical purposes.
Most of the exported spice avoids the Corellian Run but travels through the Death Wind Corridor which links Ryloth to Roon (through the Cloak of the Sith)

Glitterstim was the name of a potent variety of the drug family “spice” that was mined on Kessel. It gave the user a brief, yet pleasurable telepathic boost and heightened mental state.

Carsunum was a rare and highly illegal spice variant mined on Sevarcos. Use of carsunum granted a boost of both mental and physical abilities as well as a pleasurable sense of well-being; however, once the spice hit ended, side effects could vary from jitters to death.


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