common diseases and poisons

A list of common poisons and ailments.


Cardooine Chills
Cardooine Chills was a virus that caused congestion, coughing, fatigue and body aches as well as an insatiable appetite. The virus had relatively stable structure, and those afflicted by it generally developed an immunity, allowing the virus to strike only once in a lifetime. Moreover, it could be prevented through the use of vaccines.

Scurrier Disease
Scurrier Disease was an unusual disease believed to be carried by wild scurriers, sometimes contracted on the planet Tatooine.

Death Seed Plague
The Death Seed plague was a disease caused by parasitic drochs which caused necrosis of the skin and ultimately led to death.

Dune Mites
Small mites that infest the body and cause irritation.

Rodian Dank
Rodian Dank was a highly contagious disease that affected the Rodian race. It could be transferred via bodily fluids, or even by breathing in the same area as an infected individual.

knytix pox
Knytix Pox was a disease communicated by the knytix insect of Thyferra. It was highly contagious, and could be acquired by simply breathing in a concentrated area of knytix.

Gamorrean Rot
Gamorrean Rot was a disease that originated on the planet Gamorr. It eventually mutated to affect non-Gamorrean races over time.

Bonadan Cough
Bonadan Cough was a mildly contagious virus that originated from Bonadan. The ailment’s major symptoms included a hoarse cough and deep fatigue.

Cathor Fever
Cathor Fever was believed to have originated on the planet Ithor.

container taint
Container Taint was a general title given to any disease or affliction resulting from the consumption of spoiled or damaged food and/or beverages.


Knockout Drops
normally added to a drink to incapacitate someone

sense-deadening poison
when inhaled, the poison usually makes the victim disorientated.

weakening poison gas
when inhaled, the poison weakens the overall strength of the victim.

knockout gas
when inhaled, will incapacitate the victim.

paralytic poison
used to give assassins an edge, when the poison enters the blood stream it tightens the muscles and causes paralysis.

Deadly poison
put in food and drink, this poison makes it’s victim very sick, and can kill.

Contact poison
similar to the deadly poison, only the poison is applied directly to the blood stream.

Stilch Gas
stilch gas is a poison that incapacitates.

sponge powder
when ingested, sponge powder causes damage to the internal organs of a victim before knocking them out due to dehydration.

A weak poison that is ingested. good for those who simply want to send a warning.

An ingested poison that attacks the lungs.

snoruuk spores
an inhaled poison that makes it difficult to breath.

scale dust
when inhaled, causes a fever and hallucinations

gnooroop extract
an ingested poison that causes terrible sickness

lawah saliva
a poison delivered directly to the blood stream and causes severe damage to the circulatory system

cripe oil
severely weakens a victim

Ral’s Bane
A deadly poison used by most assassins.

Pantol spine Venom
A vicious poison that attacks the spine of a victim, or its equivalent.

ylesian fungus
a contact poison that causes severe rashes and sickness

tripion venom
an expensive but deadly poison.

common diseases and poisons

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