Fringer- The jack of all trades class, you tend to be able to survive the harshest of worlds using nothing more than your own wits. Luke skywalker is a fringer during episode 4.

Noble- Your quite Mofty, but your moftyness tends to inspire your comrades to great feats and get special talents regarding barters and deals. Leia Organa is a noble.

Scoundrel- The Star Wars skill monkey, sneaky and tend towards the more illegal activities. Han Solo is a Scoundrel, well he is.

Scout- A better survival class, tend to be wanderers and explorers, where as fringers learn the skills to survive, scouts learn the skills to hunt or survive beyond even the abilities of a Fringer. Chewbacca is a scout.

Soldier- You are a warrior through and through, you have been trained to use every well known weapon in the galaxy effectively. The Tank Class with all the feats. Admiral Ackbar is a soldier.

Tech Specialist- You’re a wizard with gadgets and Gizmos, you can build and improve stuff, and can even rewrite commands and codes to your advantage.
Lobot, Lando’s adviser on cloud city is a Tech Specialist.

Force Adept- A Shaman or Witch in most cultures, you know the force well, but have either not been discovered by the JedI, Or have no intention of joining the order.

Jedi Consular- Jedi who sit on there backsides and think of things to do with the force. Are better at the force than gaurdians. Yoda is a JedI Consular.

JedI Gaurdian- JedI who focus on whacking things more than talking. Luke became a JedI gaurdian

not new classes, but usually takes the best of certain classes to give you a style. also includes some replacement class features, (bit like my Elf Wizard.)

Demagogue- Noble/Scout multiclass, want to try to incite sith colonies to turn from there colonies, or like the odd sit in protest, this is the class archetype for you.

Information broker- Scoundrel/Noble multiclass, You could know this guy. Maybe you’ve got lotsa friends, maybe only you know. how much is this worth to ya?

Jedi wanderer- Jedi Consular/ Scoundrel multiclass. You wander the galaxy, looking out for force sensitive individuals. this archetype allows you to sort of leave the jedi order, but come back when called for.

Outlaw tech- Scoundrel/ Tech specialist multiclass. Your good at putting stuff together, space mcgyver mebbe?

Prowler- Scoundrel/ soldier/ infiltrator multiclass, the ultimate thief.

Scrounger- Fringer/ Tech Specialist multiclass, A pile of Junk isn’t a pile of Junk, it’s a treasure trove of equipment and money that others just don’t see. the nutters.

ShipJacker- Soldier/ scout multiclass, Space pirate, Grand theft starship

Spirit adept- Force Adept/ Fringer multiclass, your like some star wars equivalent of a native american.

Urban Adept- Force Adept/ Noble multiclass, basically you’re just someone who knows the force but doesn’t believe it’s voodoo shaman stuff like the force adept character, and no good tech when you see it.

Prestige Classes- I’ve Removed the classes that Require Force Sensitivity, unless you’ve any ambitions in having force sensitivity later on I won’t put them up.

Big Game Hunter- Similar to the bounty hunter, only specialises in hunting nonsentients.

Blockade Runner- An awesome pilot who specialises in doing crazy things with space transports

Bodyguard- Expert in protecting others.

Bounty Hunter- Choose a target, hunt them, gain rewards, nuff said.

Crime Lord- Like a Nega Noble only your evil mofty, you get minions!

Deep Space Pilot- The greatest pilots in the galaxy. going where no man has gone before.

Elite Trooper- Usually the goal of most Mandalorians you’re even better than the soldier.

Master Gunner- Focuses on taking down Starships with a ships weapons.

Naval Officer- as the officer but a bit more specialised, requires alliegance to a particular faction.

Officer- knows what to do in the most difficult battles granting benefits to allies

Starship Ace- An awesome pilot basically, focused on starfighters.

Chief Engineer- a master tech specialist, good at creating stuff faster.

Infiltrator- a master of stealth and sneakery, probably better than bothans.

Loyal protector- want to be good at protecting other people? this is the prestige class for you.

Martial arts master- Think monk in space.

Master Deulist- Touche! Riposte! moffty moff swish swish Space musketeer!

Outlaw Slicer- you work for a seedy pizza joint. not really your like OMFG HAXXOR! for most computers

Priest- you preach some sort of Religion that’s not the force. sort of a religious noble.

Sharpshooter- your a bad ass sniper.

Treasure hunter- Lara Croft in space. only maybe less boob and more skill.


Artefacts of Old Shadowkage