Campaign Timeline

The Timeline date is set up as follows. Year:Month Dayname Daynumber ATC (After the Treaty of Coruscant)

2:9 Taungsday 18 ATC: AoO Campaign start date, Rebeka and Jace learn of a job going for 5000 credits, inquire at the republic outpost and take the first transport to Kinyen Available.

2:9 Benduday 20 ATC: Lanyef and U’tl learn of a job going for 5000 credits, inquire at the republic outpost and take the first transport to Kinyen Available.

2:9 Taungsday 23 ATC: Rebeka and Jace Change at Kinyen to go on to Meera.

2:9 Benduday 25 ATC: Lanyef and U’tl Change at Kinyen to go on to Meera.

2:9 Centaxday 27 ATC: Rebeka and Jace arrive at Station Meera, and work security for the station while they wait for the remaining employees to arrive.

2:9 Zhellday 29 ATC: Lanyef and U’tl arrive at Station Meera. With the employees now gathered the real job is revealed by Jaca Terrn on Meera’s surface, to retrieve a holocron belonging to Rycus Nel, a Jedi investigator. The group managed to complete the trials within the ancient academy and gain access to the holocron chamber, but the opening they created in the chambers roof let in a squad of Sith led by a Sith lord, who managed to steal the holocron away from them. After patching there wounds, the party determined not to leave the job unfinished attempted to hunt down the sith conspirators on planet, and after locating the luckless Mal, returned to the station to continue there investigation.

2:9 Benduday 30 ATC: The party continue there investigation by trying to locate the Rodian Crime lord, Navik, on Station. They disrupted a shake down in the medical bay and an attempted Kidnapping, both connected to Navik. eventually the crime lord had little choice but to confront the party, and after a tense firefight was arrested along with the party and Officer Lerayl. After delivering Evidence to Jaca Terrn, they were allowed to go free and Sergeant blip and the rest of the corrupt security force were taken into custody. The party were taken to the medical bay and then returned to a party thrown in there honour.

2:9 Primeday 31 ATC: The Sith dealing with Navik have been located on Zaadja, a previous dig site where a Jedi Academy for Rycus Nel once stood. Terrn allowed the party to use Naviks ship, the Rhinoa, to travel to the planet and search for clues. Before that they needed to find a Navigator, which proved difficult. However the Hyperspace scout Taylen let them in on some advice and gave them a card they could use to give a droid the required skills. The party then got permisson from Sergeant Lerayl to scour Aratech industries for droid parts and located a chassis Rebeka could fix.

2:9 Centaxday 32 ATC: After a days searching the party finally collected all the parts they needed to repair the droid, and late in the evening, JURL-4 was created.

2:9 Centaxday 33 ATC: With Droid in tow, the party headed for Zaadja, and the Sith Base.

2:9 Benduday 35 ATC: The Party arrive at Zaadja, and after landing set out to locate the Sith Base. Masquerading as some of Navik’s men, they met with an imperial officer and his soldiers just before reaching the base, and tripped a double cross meant for Navik. The party fought there way through the base, Eliminated the Sith presence, and retrieved the Holocron. They also discovered some of the Sith responsible for the Theft.

2:Festival of Stars Centax Day 2 ATC: The Party arrive at Meera, Holocron in hand and deliver it personally to Terrn. He then explained and displayed the true purpose of the holocron, which was an elaborate disguise for something much more Valuable, a Rakatan Map disc. The party agreed to hunt for one of the original Star maps back on Tatooine, and also recieved a distorted holorecording hidden deep in JURL’s memory. They promptly returned to Tatooine the same day.

2:10 Zhellday 4 ATC: The Party arrive on Tatooine, Where they met Durgo Vernaka, A weequay pirate who was the intended recipient of the spice the party found on there ship, as well as Niklik, a Jawa whose clan was taken by another jawa clan, which the party promptly rescued in return for information on the star maps location. There was also an attempted assassination on Jace, and the party met with Jaca Terrn’s contact on Tatooine.

2:10 Benduday 5 ATC: Shiyga, The Shaman of the Niklik Clan, guides the party on foot into the jundland wastes on the road to the star map. they are beset by Womp Rats.

2:10 Primeday 6 ATC: The party try to pass by a Wraid in the jundland, but failed to get by without incident. they then crossed into the dune sea.

2:10 Centaxday 7 ATC: The party reached the Star Maps cave, but discovered a band of Sand People had begun to settle the area. They eliminated the settlements inhabitants and made there way to star map itself, using the map disc that located many more locations than the map had shown previously.

2:10 Taungsday 8 ATC: With the Star map found, Jace and U’tl remained behind to protect it, While Rebeka, Lanyef and Shiyga went to the outpost to begin it’s recovery. by evening the Star map was in republic hands and the party were back at Anchorhead.

2:10 Zhellday 9 ATC: Rebeka hunted for scrap around anchorhead and delivered it to her shop, while U’tl wrote his script, Lanyef bought parts for the Harmony and Jace tended to his injuries.

2:10 Benduday 10 ATC: Rebeka and Lanyef completed miscellaneous Repairs on the Harmony while U’tl wrote his script and Jace tended to his injuries, returning to good health.

2:10 Primeday 11 ATC: Rebeka and Lanyef built the holoprojector they were given while U’tl wrote his script and Jace bought parts to craft into explosives.

2:10 Centaxday 12 ATC: Rebeka Outfitted Jurl with new tools, the others delivering the information on project black wing to Terrn.

2:10 Taungsday 13 ATC: The party completed the hull repairs on the Harmony and received there first job, retrieving a power source from a mysterious planet.

2:10 Zhellday 14 ATC: The party set off for the unknown planet.

2:10 Primeday 16 ATC: The party arrive at the unknown planet. while searching for the power source, Rebeka is severely wounded by one of the planets indigenous lifeforms.

2:10 Centaxday 17 ATC: They locate the power source, and prepare for the journey back to Meera.

2:10 Zhellday 19 ATC: a miscalculation caused the Dawnstar to drop out of hyperspace near Kinyen. recalculating the journey to Meera they left the same day.

2:10 Centaxday 22 ATC: They return to Meera, deliver the power source, and set off to retrieve a Vase from the planet R3X-UL48.

2:10 Primeday 26 ATC: The party arrive at R3X-UL48. They are asked to deal with a unintelligent species on the planet, in exchange for the Vase. They agree, and learn they have been stranded on a planet with an adverse effect on sentients. helping a Mandalorian named Davik, the party escape the planet and show Joran and Ergerons clan the error of there ways, before heading for Meera with the Vase.

2:10 Centaxday 32 ATC: The party arrive at Meera, Deliver the Vase, and Rebeka gets a check up at the medical bay at Terrn’s request. There she is met by Stebe, who informed her of her slight connection to the force.

2:10 Taungsday 33 ATC: The party set of for Tatooine while awaiting news of a new job.

3:New Year Fete week Taungsday ATC: The party arrive on Tatooine. Rebeka and Lan continue work on the Harmony when Jace discovers a slave on the run from the Sith. They do battle with a Bounty Hunter droid then leave Tatooine to deliver Nola safely to a Republic outpost and then go on to Raxus Prime, the location of the next Artefact.

3:New Year Fete week Benduday ATC: Nola Aoni is delivered safely to a Republic outpost.

3:1 Centaxday 2 ATC: The Party are attacked by the Persecutor, A Terminus Class Destroyer belonging to the Scourge, a secret organisation within the Sith Empire. all but Jace are taken prisoner, who was left for dead aboard the Dawnstar, and is rescued by Sieth Dran and Cut up. The party attempt to escape there incarceration, but fail.

3:1 Zhellday 4 ATC: Jace and Terrn come up with a plan to rescue the others, while they face one of there enemies, Darth Lykat, aboard the Persecutor. Jace comes to there rescue, and reunited the four of them escape the Persecutor before the ship was destroyed by the Republic.

3:1 Benduday 5 ATC: With the party on Raxus prime, Rebeka, U’tl and Lanyef set about searching for the Artefact, While Jace recuperates from his injuries. they do not find the Artefact, but do find an X1 Hyperdrive, which Rebeka chooses to install in the dawnstar.

3:1 Primeday 6 ATC: The party continues to search for the Artefact, despite a call from terrn who told Jace that the whole thing was a lie to trap them. Jace informs them of the call that evening.

3:1 Centaxday 7 ATC: Rebeka uses the day as a last chance to grab any scrap she can. she starts work on a blaster and realises by the end of the day that they haven’t left the planet yet.

3:1 Taungsday 8 ATC: The Party leave for Corellia.

3:1 Zhellday 9 ATC: after a power loss and a close encounter with an Asteroid, the party find themselves stranded in an unknown system, along with the K’lor’slug infested Blue Lady.

3:1 Taungsday 13 ATC: The party arrive on Corellia, and set about some serious retail therapy and Relaxation.

3:1 Zhellday 14 ATC: The party leave Corellia for the Meera system to begin there next job, recovering the sword of Karness Muur.

3:1 Centaxday 27 ATC: The party Arrive at Meera and collect the case needed to protect them from the swords infection, then set off for Mazhar.

3:1 Primeday 31 ATC: The party arrive at Mazhar, where they find a crashed thranta class Corvette Stronghold, and it’s crew stranded. They destroyed a droid responsible for the sabotage, fought there way through a temple full of Rakghouls and collected the sword, before setting off for Ryloth to help out U’tl’s old employer, Nab Karas.

3:1 Taungsday 33 ATC: The party arrive on Ryloth, and use the two weeks they have to get some R and R and buy some gear while U’tl prepared for the play.

3:2 Taungsday 3 ATC: Lanyef and Rebeka have a date, where both admit they aren’t looking for anything permanent.

3:2 Taungsday 8 ATC: The Tragedy of Isis is performed, and Jace is once again attacked by an Assassin, who this time he kills.

3:2 Zhellday 9 ATC: The party return to Tatooine, where Rebeka discovers her father has been taken by Darth Lykat, and left her uncle to die. fearful for her father, she and the party fly to Kohlma in search of her father.

3:2 Taungsday 13 ATC: They Arrive on Kohlma, finding an imperial facility that was responsible for the creation of the droid found on Mazhar. They also found the staff to be dead, killed by Sindris and Lykat. in the confrontation with Lykat, Simon June, Rebeka’s father, was killed and a fight ensued. But a Darth proved too much for them to handle, and she escaped, leaving them to there sorrow, and to leave the system.

3:2 Centaxday 17 ATC: the party arrive back at Tatooine, and have Simon June’s funeral, before fixing up the house.

3:2 Taungsday 18 ATC: Rebeka, Jace and Lanyef, blow off some steam at the anchorhead cantina, while U’tl helps david begin an advertising campaign for hired hands.

3:2 Benduday 20 ATC: Terrn calls with an urgent matter, but U’tl decides that he can no longer fight that which he can’t kill, and Rebeka and the others have no choice but to deliver him home.

3:2 Primeday 21 ATC: The party arrive on Ryloth, spending a few days together while searching for help on the June farm.

3:2 Taungsday 23 ATC: Without U’tl, the party head out to Chandrila, where they plan to steal the key for Terrn, before the sellers own thieves steal it.

3:2 Centaxday 27 ATC: The party arrive on Chandrila. after scoping the planet out, they begin there theft of the key, and pick up Rak blackfire, a Black Sun turncoat looking for a way out, during the robbery. they escaped with him and the key intact.

3:2 Zhellday 29 ATC: The Dawnstars Hyperdrive is damaged through the strain of the escape, sending them back into normal space in an unknown system.

3:2 Benduday 30 ATC: Rebeka repaired the hyperdrive and after some struggling, got them back into hyperspace, heading for Meera.

3:2 Centaxday 32 ATC: The Dawnstar arrives in imperial territory, completely off course, and hurriedly escapes, everyone praying they reach meera soon.

3:2 Benduday 35 ATC: The party arrive on Meera, deliver the key to terrn, and head to Ossus for the next artefact.

3:3 Taungsday 3 ATC: The Party arrive at Ossus, and while set upon by the imperial blockade, make good there escape to the surface, where they Met Alaron, a spirit seer of the Ysanna.

3:3 Zhellday 4 ATC: The Party head off for the Imhar canyon, where a vision Rak had led them to the next clue to the Orb.

3:3 Benduday 5 ATC: With information they hoped would lead to the Orb, the party set course for Meera in the hopes of getting in contact with a much needed Protocol Droid.

3:3 Zhellday 9 ATC: The Party arrive on Meera, using a translator droid they uncover the Orbs location is on Kamino, in the city of Derem, Rebeka calls on the help of Taylen Maverik and Bob to locate the planet, and set off the same day.

3:3 Zhellday 14 ATC: The Party arrive at Kamino, and after dealing with the Offworld relations administrator and paying a large fee for the privelege, eventually recieve permission to enter the ruins of Derem City.

3:3 Benduday 15 ATC: The party descend into the Kaminoan oceans and the sunken city, recover the orb, but are beset by black sun thugs. They escape with the Orb and make there way to Meera.

3:3 Centaxday 17 ATC: The Dawnstar goes offcourse, and a new course is plotted.

3:3 Centaxday 22 ATC: The Party arrive on Meera,discover the Sith have successfully recovered one of the Artefacts and head off almost immediately for the next, in the Kirian System.

3:3 Primeday 26 ATC: They arrive in the Kirian System, and locate a space station hidden near the sun of the system. While searching for the datacron, they stumble across not only the Black wing project, but the team sent by the republic to shut it down, Raven Squad.

3:3 Centaxday 27 ATC: with the loss of two members, Raven squad and the party escape Black Wing Station and return to meera after some serious cleansing.

3:3 Zhellday 29 ATC: The party return to Meera, parting ways with Raven Squad and having to strike a deal with Salarr, Leader of Black Sun in exchange for several Artefacts.

3:3 Benduday 30 ATC: After a day spent learning of there next likely job, the party head for Ruusan.

3:3 Centaxday 32 ATC: The party arrive on Ruusan, and learn that Popara’s son has gone missing on Endregaad, The party agree to help find him and take Popara’s ship to Endregaad.

3:3 Taungsday 33 ATC: The party leave for Endregaad.

3:3 Zhellday 34 ATC: The party arrive on Endregaad, and are attacked by Pirates. repelling the attack and arresting a Bomu pirate they learn they were sent by Zonnos. After handing over the spice and pirate over to confederate authorities, and a briefing with the commander in charge, the party run the blockade of Endregaad, and begun there search of Tel Bollin.

3:3 Benduday 35 ATC: The party continue there search, coming across Orgamon, a nikto who remained behind to greet Popara’s help. after curing him of the plague, the five of them set off for Temple Valley, in search of there quarry.

3:4 Centaxday 2 ATC: The party arrives at temple valley, and by the afternoon, locate Mika the Hutt at a crashed ship, carrying even more of the tempest. A battle with some spice pirates breaks out, and Mika and the party take that as a sign to leave.

3:4 Benduday 5 ATC: The party return to Tel Bollin, finishing Mika’s business with the mining guild on planet.

3:4 Primeday 6 ATC: The Party escape from Endregaad and head for the pre-planned system of Cignet.

3:4 Taungsday 8 ATC: The Party arrive at Droxu, receive there rewards for rescuing Mika and return to Ruusan with the affectionately named “Hutt and Steamy” to pick up the Dawnstar.

3:4 Benduday 10 ATC:The party arrive at Ruusan and get the reward work done on the Dawnstar. Rak renames the other ship to the Darkstar, but reluctantly agrees to sell it for credits.

3:4 Primeday 11 ATC: The party plot course for Tatooine.

3:4 Benduday 15 ATC: The party arrive at Tatooine, Sell the Dark star, and begin there own personal vacation time.

3:4 Benduday 20 ATC: Lanyef recieves a letter from his parents, being asked to come visit them, and Rebeka and he spot two figures they did not expect to see, Slarassk and Xidonis Jace.

3:4 Primeday 21 ATC: Jace spends his night and morning obsessing over the Mandalorian, When Rebeka is captured for Xidonis’ meeting at noon tomorrow.

3:4 Centaxday 22 ATC: The meeting descended into chaos, Jace’s actions less than honourable in the eyes of Xidonis as he left Rebeka to her fate rather than putting her needs above his lust for revenge. With Xidonis’ escape, the party’s trust in each other is frayed.

3:4 Benduday 25 ATC: The Harmony is more or less completed when they recieve a call from Terrn who more or less gives Lanyef no choice but to see his parents.

3:4 Primeday 26 ATC: The Dawnstar sets course for Arkania

3:4 Benduday 30 ATC: The Dawnstar arrives at Arkania. Lanyef get’s a nasty shock when his parents attempt to fix him up with Senai Korava, something Rebeka doesn’t take kindly to.

3:4 Primeday 31 ATC: Rebeka is warned away from Lan by Emyef, his mother, while he and his father continue to lock horns, there evening meal is ruined by Sith Assassins and in the Aftermath, Lanyef is disowned by his father. they leave arkania shortly after.

3:4 Benduday 35 ATC: The party return to meera with the logbook and find Durgo has one of the artefacts they need.after calling in a favour with Popara, the party have the spice he requests and head to kinyen to pick it up.

3:5 Centaxday 2 ATC: The party pick up the spice and head for Gelgalar

3:5 Zhellday 4 ATC: The party arrive at Gelgalar, where they meet Durgo’s prisoner, Darth Storn. The sith makes her escape in the Dawnstar, much to the crews horror, and are forced to deliver the beacon using the Harmony on Tatooine.

3:5 Primeday 6 ATC: The party arrive on Tatooine, to repurpose the Harmony and set off for Meera.

3:5 Primeday 11 ATC: The party arrive at Meera, where apparently Darth Storn is planning to attack, the dawnstar heading for the station. As it was discovered, Stebe had recovered the star while on Taris,and returned it to the party in time for them to answer a call from Popara, asking to see them on Nar Shaddaa

3:5 Benduday 15 ATC: The party arrive on Nar Shaddaa, where a Banquet in there honour results in the Death of Popara and there being blamed for murder.

3:5 Primeday 16 ATC: The party attempt to clear there name by tracking down the tempest spice lord, but after a Run in with Parella the Hunter, the Evocii, and falling into a trap laid by Zonnos, they finally clear there name.

3:5 Centaxday 17 ATC: The party leave Nar Shaddaa to head for Ryloth.

3:5 Benduday 20 ATC: The party relax for a few days on Ryloth, before recieving a call from Terrn, asking them to represent him at an Auction in the Hapes Cluster.

3:5 Taungsday 23 ATC: The party arrive in the hapes cluster, then Hapes itself.

3:5 Zhellday 24 ATC: They meet with the curator of the auction and discuss the plans for the following day, briefly being interrupted by an Old Adversary.

3:5 Benduday 25 ATC: The auction takes place, and the imperial delegates attack the hall, once defeated, there true plan is revealed, to initiate war with the Hapes Cluster. The Party fight tooth and nail to escape, eventually returning to the galaxy at large, and leaving the Hapans to be conquered by the Empire.

3:5 Centaxday 27 ATC: Emyef Reolm calls Lanyef in a bid to get him to come home, he agrees to return as soon as he can, but doesn’t tell the crew straight away.

3:5 Taungsday 28 ATC: The Party return to Meera, and undergo Medical and Mental healing at Terrns request. Lanyef has his counselling session with Stebe

3:5 Zhellday 29 ATC: Rebeka and Rak have there counselling sessions with Stebe, while Lanyef heads home to sort out his family issues.

3:5 Centaxday 32 ATC: Lanyef arrives at Arkania and is held imprisoned by his own Father, Rebeka persuades the others to help her rescue him.

3:5 Zhellday 34 ATC: Rebeka, Rak and Jace arrive at Arkania, where they meet Emyef who gets them into the estate to confront Lante and Phage. Lante is defeated but Phage escapes, and it is discovered that Phage is behind Lante’s Madness. Lante apologises for his behaviour, accepting his son as his heir once more as well as the relationship with Rebeka.

3 Mid Year Holiday ATC: The Party receive a call from Mika, asking them to pick up some cargo in the shape of two domesticated Corellian Sand Panthers for transport to Lungru’s base. With nothing to do, they agreed to the job.

3:6 Centaxday 2 ATC: The party drop off the harmony and head for Nar Shaddaa to pick up there cargo.

3:6 Primeday 6 ATC: The party land on Nar Shaddaa, and pick up both the Sand Panthers and there payment in advance. They arrived on Joodrudda the same day, almost getting into a fight with Kir Sesad, Lungru’s adviser, but left without firing a shot. As they left, they were pursued by Angela Krin who wished to discuss the destruction of the tempest factory. they agreed to destroy it and set course for Rhilithan to steal a smugglers Ship, /barabi Run, that frequented Varl, the supposed location of the tempest factory.

3:6 Centaxday 7 ATC: The party arrive at Rhilithan, and ambush Barabi Run, Hijacking it from it’s owner.

3:6 Taungsday 8 ATC: The Party set course for Varl on Barabi Run, While Angela Krin flew the Dawnstar.

3:6 Benduday 10 ATC: The Party arrive at Varl and land on the planet. They head through the mountains to the tempest plant and destroy it. they are rewarded for there efforts and the head to the planet of Deneris for medical attention.

3:6 Primeday 11 ATC: The Party arrive at Deneris and Rak is returned to perfect health. Rebeka has a bad dream, the start of something more sinister than she’d like to believe. In the afternoon they call for terrn and he is indisposed after an assassination attempt on him. General Var Suthra orders the group to locate noted Droid creator Yusan Kile, the creator of the horrendous scourge droids, now Banshee’s, and detain him. The party set course for Yavin, as the last place Yusan was seen.

3:6 Taungsday 13 ATC: The Party arrive at Yavin and locate the abandoned station, and Yusan Kile. He attempts to escape and is killed by HK-50, the droid head now with a body that Rebeka recovered and lost.With Yusan Kile dead, and only his research and a pair of advanced droids to show for it. The group head for meera.

3:6 Zhellday 14 ATC: Rebeka is trapped in a dream by Lykat, the others unable to do anything travel with all due haste back to Meera.

3:6 Primeday 16 ATC: The party arrive at Meera, where Rebeka’s only chance is discovered to be a group of witches Taylen and Bob once discovered. After some hesitation, they headed for the planet of Glyph.

3:6 Centaxday 17 ATC: The party arrive at Glyph, and are met, and expected, by the Ghost Mother clan and Mother Kiden. Mother Kiden assists the party in awaking Rebeka and states in return they must kill her apprentice, Seerix Vosa.

3:6 Taungsday 18 ATC: The party hunt down Seerix Vosa, and assault her hideaway in the Spirit Hunters ruins. After defeating her, the Ghost mothers consider the debt settled and they leave for Meera.

3:6 Zhellday 19 ATC: The party return to Meera, where Terrn explains his proposal to not only meet one of his favourite Holovid stars, but to let his employees handle the assassin hunting him.

3:6 Benduday 25 ATC: The party arrives at Mindianis where the party is to be held, and settle in.

3:6 Centaxday 27 ATC: The party attend Mindianis’ masquerade ball, where Terrn is almost assassinated.

3:6 Taungsday 28 ATC: The party and Terrn leave Mindianis, heading back to Meera.

3:6 Zhellday 34 ATC: The Party returned to Meera, discovering a group of mercenaries Terrn had hired had gone missing, and sends the group after them when it’s found a clan of mandalorians is involved.

3:Festival of Life Primeday ATC the party arrive at Lynaria And locate the fortress where the mandalorians were holed up. after a confrontation involving Parella the Hunter, the Sith who murdered Jace’s father, and Xidonis and his crew, Jace barely escaped with his life, and only by the good graces of Xidonis were the party left to tend to him after the battle. they returned to meera with the storage device soon after.

3:Festival of Life Benduday ATC They returned to Meera, delivering the storage device to Terrn, who informed them they would be playing back up to the first contact specialist on Meridun, negotiating for a focusing crystal. They left without hesitation shortly after.

3:7 Zhellday 4 ATC: The party arrive at Meridun, where they discover they are in a race for the crystal as the Sith stormed across the planet.

3:7 Taungsday 8 ATC: The party return to Meera to deliver the focusing crystal and embark on a secret mission to Kaas City on Dromund Kaas.

3:7 Primeday 11 ATC: The party arrive at a Republic outpost to take control of an Imperial Fury and don disguises.

3:7 Centaxday 12 ATC: The party arrive at Dromund Kaas, and make preparations for there mission.

3:7 Taungsday 13 ATC: The Party escape Dromund Kaas with the artefact and information in hand, and return to the Republic Outpost.

3:7 Benduday 15 ATC: The party arrive at Ryloth, concerned about there friend. They recover U’tl and head to Meera where they drop him off in the hopes he’ll be safe.

3:7 Taungsday 18 ATC: The Party deliver U’tl to Meera and hand over the shield Tech data given to them by Stebe and refuse to assist Admiral Kien in a mission relating to a rogue captain, in favour of Jace settling a grudge with Xidonis.

3:7 Centaxday 22 ATC: The Party arrive at Boroo, where they learn the truth about Xidonis, and Jace makes a critical decision.

3:7 Zhellday 24 ATC: The Party Return to Meera, where they take a few days to relax.

3:7 Primeday 26 ATC: The Party head for Karuto, after a missing Archaeological team.

3:7 Benduday 30 ATC: The Party arrive on Karuto. and search the Tomb of Taylen Victus. On the trail of his amulet, they head for Nar Shaddaa.

3:7 Benduday 32 ATC: The Party arrive on Nar Shaddaa, and say farewell to there travelling companion. before heading out to retrieve the amulet.

3 Treaty Day ATC: The Party arrive on RN4-TL86, in a bid to rescue Taylen and Bob.

3:8 Taungsday 3 ATC: The Party arrive at meera, where they take on a mission to retrieve the missing vase.

3:8 Taungsday 8 ATC: the party arrive at the mysterious planet, only to find it a trap created for them by Phage.

3:8 Benduday 10 ATC: the date the party defeat Phage and break the illusion. and return to Meera.

3:8 Centaxday 12 ATC: the party return to the planet to pick up Jace’s lost weapons and ensure that Phage is dead. They then head with some difficulty to Meera.

3:8 Centaxday 17 ATC: the party arrive at an unknown location and are forced to make another Hyperspace Trip.

3:8 Benduday 20 ATC: the party arrive at an unknown location and are forced to make Yet another Hyperspace Trip. They arrived at Kinyen shortly after.

3:8 Centaxday 22 ATC: the party arrive at Meera. and shortly after set off for one of the last artefacts to be recovered.

3:8 Primeday 26 ATC: the party arrive at Desevro, Where they uncover Xim’s Treasure.

3:8 Zhellday 29 ATC: the party arrive at Meera. Where they discover the station is under attack

3:8 Taungsday 33 ATC: the party arrive at Hesserix, where they face Darth Lykat and learn a terrible truth.

3 Treaty Day ATC: the party arrive at Meera, where they suffer a great loss

3:9 Centaxday 2 ATC: the party set off for the Halecyon Nebula, seeking out Taivus.

3:9 Taungsday 3 ATC: Arrive at the Halcyon Nebula, and discover Legacy, an ancient droid with knowledge of the past and the future.

3:9 Benduday 5 ATC: The party return to Stebe and prepare for war with the Scourge.

3:9 Zhellday 24 ATC: The War of the Scourge begins

Campaign Timeline

Artefacts of Old Shadowkage