Tag: Skydove Freight


  • H-3D3-GE3

    A jade coloured [[GE3-series protocol droid | GE3 protocol droid]] with white sensors, The droid is loyal to the [[Skydove Freight | Skydove Freight]] holdings and it's masters, the Anjiliac Kajidic. The droid is usually found in the presence of Vago the …

  • Vago the Hutt

    A rather young Hutt, he oversees some of the more important jobs that Popara's holdings undertake. he consistently speaks in Huttese, and he tends to be too busy to give anyone much time.

  • Popara the Hutt

    Popara Anjiliac Diresto was a Hutt who owned a large financial empire. Most of his capital came from legitimate business practices. He is not very trusting of others, yet he could be counted on as one of the most trustworthy of the Hutts. He believed that …

  • Zonnos the Lesser

    Zonnos Anjiliac Priare was a Hutt of the Anjiliac kajidic. he was nicknamed Zonnos the lesser by his father Popara after his grandfather Zonnos the Great, who came before him, and was named after.

  • Mika the Hutt

    Mika Anjiliac Chiera was a Hutt, one of the two offspring of Popara Anjiliac Diresto. Although younger, he was most likely to take over his father's business. His aide was an Esral'sa'Nikto named Orgamon. It has recently been discovered that Mika is …