Tag: Mandalorian


  • Jace Dawnstar

    Jace says very little about his past, save that he is a proud Mandalorian warrior and he harbours an intense hatred for the Sith, and for the current Mandalore. Jace's entire clan was killed when he was young, apart from his Father who was away with …

  • Davik Makin

    A young Mandalorian found on R3X-UL48. Unlike other members of his clan he believed hunting humans affected by the neural decay was not only effortless but dishonorable. His clan seemed to hunt these humans more than any other species on the planet, which …

  • Ergeron Makin

    Leader of the Clan Makin, he is a warrior through and through. when he learned of the call Mandalore had made, he took his clan as far away from him as possible, not wishing to relinquish command of his clan to a jumped up gladiator from geonosis. …

  • Xidonis Jace

    Xidonis Jace is on a mission, a mission that "Jace" threatens. What his goals are, what he hopes to achieve is a secret to everyone...or is it?