Tag: Inner Rim


  • Bogden

    _Mentioned by Jango Fett in Episode II, and even then it was one of it's moons_ Location: Inner Rim Type: Swamp Bogden was a many-mooned world on the Inner Rim Territories, near the Hydian Way, between Arkania and Ploo. It was also along the …

  • Kohlma

    _The moon Jango Fett was talking about in Episode II_ Location: Inner Rim Type: Temperate Following a catastrophic war on Bogden, Kohlma was set up as a memorial tomb for those who had fallen. The moon suffered severe gravitational tides, …

  • Manaan

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Oceanic Manaan was an aquatic planet in the Pyrshak system. It was home to the Selkath, an amphibious species. The planet was completely covered in water and was the only known source of the healing liquid, kolto, in the …

  • Onderon

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Temperate One of three planets in the Onderon system, Onderon had a temperate climate, and was once home to a primitive race of Humanoids.

  • Serroco

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Barren Serroco was the homeworld of the primitive Stereb, and had a sizable Human population. The planet was represented in the Galactic Senate and had a Republic Navy watchstation. The Humans there lived on a different …

  • Stenness

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Unknown Stenness was a planet in the Stenness system. It may have been the homeworld of the hssiss, although hssiss were also found on Ambria, Vjun, and Korriban.

  • Ukatis

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Temperate Ukatis was the ruling planet of the Ukatis system of the Inner Rim.

  • Dxun

    Location: Inner Rim Type: Tropical Dxun, also known as the Demon Moon, was the largest of four moons that orbited the Inner Rim world of Onderon. Like its parent planet, it was covered almost entirely by dense jungles that were populated by many …