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Yuo Chihiro
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Date of Birth
25:9:8 BTC, Chilchoka, Pantora

Birth Name
Yuo Kihanna Chonilo

5’ 5" (1.65 m)

Mini Biography
Born in Chilchoka, Pantora on Month 9 Day 8, 25 BTC. She got her career start at sixteen, when she appeared as the adopted daughter of the Jillinara family in “Multiple heights” (9 BTC). Later, she appeared in commercials for Aratech industries, Maxis fabriations, and Steep. She attended the University of Chandrila to study Drama. Her classmates included Grog, Nilicin Uio, Jocasta Brint, and Yol’I Tiblin. After several career moves, she became known after her role as Chinai Ponay, in Hyperspace Blue (2 BTC).

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Her brother is also in the Republic Military, and fought during the Siege of Coruscant, where he was killed.

Auditioned for the role of ChiChi in Wild Core (7 BTC).

First person to appear on multiple covers of “Interrim” Holozine

Was Podracer Luke Braddon’s guest at the opening season Race on Malastare.

Ranked #7 in Species holozine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the galaxy” (2 ATC).

Is a Podracing fan.

Originally, she was to play a part in the film Renegade (1 BTC), but the film never saw the light of day when the empire bombed the city where the company resided

Is considered to be very down to planet and a firm believer in the republic and it’s values.

Yuo Chihiro

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