U'tl Ylb'n

Twi'lek Noble


Male Twi’lek Noble 1

Strength 11 ( +0) Size: Medium
Dexterity 11 ( +0) Height: meters
Constitution 12 ( +1) Weight: kg
Intelligence 12 ( +1) Skin: purple
Wisdom 10 ( +0) Eyes: black
Charisma 16 ( +3) Hair: n/a

Total Vitality Points: 7
Total Wound Points: 12

Speed: 10 meters / round

Defense: 12 (10, +2 Class)
Touch: 10
Flat-footed: 12
Initiative modifier: +0
Fortitude save: +1
Reflex save: +1
Will save: +3
Attack (Blaster pistol): +0 (3d6, Fort DC15)
Attack (unarmed): +0 (1d3)
Grapple check: +0
Reputation: 1

Light load: 19kg
Medium load: 38kg
Heavy load: 57.5kg
Lift over head: 57.5kg
Lift off ground: 115kg
Push or drag: 517.5kg

Speak/Read/write basic
Speak/Read/write Ryl
Speak Lekku
Speak/Read/write Mando’a

Skills: Bluff +6, Computer use +5, Diplomacy +8, Entertain (Drama) +6, gather information +5, Listen +1, Sense Motive +1.

Feats: Weapon group Proficiencies (Blaster pistols, Simple Weapons), Trustworthy.

Class/Racial abilities: Low light Vision,
Favor +1- can call on contacts he knows for aid in certain situations. (Contacts: not known yet )

Credits: 1,490

GM Bonuses
Cultured- knowledge (alien species) and knowledge (World lore) are not limited to 10 when used untrained by Ut’l. Should Ut’l take ranks in either skill, he may add his reputation bonus to either skill.


U’tl was born and raised in the Bright Lands of Ryloth. His father was a noble, who longed for a better life for his son.

At an early age, U’tl developed an interest in theater, which his parents encouraged. When he came of age, his father gave U’tl a sum of money and sent him off planet to earn his livelihood.

Since then, U’tl has travelled the Galaxy, falling in with whichever troupes will have him for as long as he is welcome. As such, he has seen many different planets, and has observed the different cultures of numerous races.

His theatrical background makes U’tl a master of disguise, able to display false emotions, use different voices and talk his way out of situations, something he much prefers to actual combat.


Leaving the Dawnstar is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I never expected to get so attached to the crew, and I’ll miss them all dearly. I do so hope they stay in touch.

Jace – Jace agreeing to eat with us for my final meal was so incredibly touching. All this time I’ve wondered if he really cared about us, but this little act showed that he did.

Rebeka – My little sister. I’ll miss her more than anyone. Hearing from her was lovely, and made that day of parting a little easier. I am worried about her for several reasons, though, and do hope she’ll be okay.

Lanyef – Yes, I’ll even miss Lanyef. As much of a clown as he was, as much as I don’t trust him, he was relatively fun to be around, and my nights will be significantly less interesting now that I’m not sharing a room with him.

U'tl Ylb'n

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