Senai Korava


Daughter of the Korava Family, one of the Board members belonging to Adascorp is her Father. Senai seems outwardly like an atypical Arkanian, however she was equally pressured into the “arranged relationship”

She found Lanyef to be dull, certainly duller than his adventures, which took him away from the domed cities that Senai longed to do. still she would do as was expected of her and if she did Marry Lan she would probably get out of the domes finally. Also she didn’t have to love him, and was frankly more interested in his dark skinned human friend than him, who was absolutely exotic by comparison. certainly someone daddy wouldn’t approve of which made him all the more exciting.

After the assassination attempt Senai decided to leave to avoid any sort of retaliation from the Reolms, She told her father that she acted with distinction and defended the Reolms as best she could, and her father decided against the arrangement in the end. And so she was saved from her expectations once again.

Senai Korava

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