Rak Blackfire


Male Human Shipjacker (Soldier 5/Scout 2) 7

Strength ( ) Size: Medium
Dexterity ( ) Height: meters
Constitution ( ) Weight: kg
Intelligence ( ) Skin:
Wisdom ( ) Eyes:
Charisma ( ) Hair:

Total Vitality Points:
Total Wound Points:

Speed: 10 meters / round

Defense: (10, Class, Dex)
Initiative modifier:
Fortitude save:
Reflex save:
Will save:
Grapple check:

Light load:
Medium load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
Push or drag:

Speak/Read/write basic



Class/Racial abilities:


GM Bonuses
Black Market Contacts: being on the wrong side of the law has it’s advantages. Rak may make a Spot check to locate the “signs” of the black Market. if he finds any, he can then make a survival check to locate the seller.

The seller can have anything the players desire, but there is a chance the item could be more expensive than the base price, be on the Hotlist, or even suffer from flaws.


Rak was born on Socorro to poor parents. His father was a compulsive gambler who had gotten the family much in debt. Seeing his son as a means to save the family, he ensured Rak got a good education. Using this, Rak set up a business salvaging and repairing ships and parts, but with the bad economy, the business didn’t work out.

Forced to resort to a life of crime, Rak began smuggling and stealing ships. This is what led him to be recruited by the Black Sun, when he was caught stealing one of their ships. He was given a choice – work with the Black Sun to pay off his debt, or be killed. He chose the former, but constantly looked for an escape, and when he met the crew of the Dawnstar, found it.


JACE – Jace is about to unleash hell. I know the guy well enough to know when he’s angry. And I’ve never seen him this angry.
REBEKA – Chick’s about to snap.
LANYEF – If I’ve got to travel in his deathtrap of a ship, he better bring his A game.
TERRN – Motherfucker.

Rak Blackfire

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