Nola Aoni


one of Darth Myonis’ Slave, she escaped her servitude during a Slave Rebellion. She suffered the usual hardships a slave of a Sith suffers, but it wasn’t until Myonis begun using her in his experiments that she realised if she didn’t escape she’d be killed. during her first escape attempt she was recaptured, and as punishment Myonis cut off a portion of her left headtail, but this only confirmed she needed to escape.

Nola was able to seduce Myonis’ son, and once she had secured her escape, murdered the young Sith, and earned Myonis’ Wrath.

Nola was taken to a Republic Refugee point and given treatment for her wounds. she gave the party her gratitude. But was especially thankful to Jace, who had saved her life twice at what could have been the cost of his own.

Nola is actually working for Xidonis, her role was to confirm whether Cordo Jace was the real Cordo Jace, or a pretender. Nola is actually a competent fighter and as it turns out, a brilliant actress.

Nola Aoni

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