Lante Reolm


The Father of Lanyef Reolm, Lante is an intimidating man who wields considerable power. Originally a big executive for Czerka corporation, he is now being headhunted by the homegrown Arkanian corporation Adascorp, who are interested in making him an executive for there own firm.

Lante utterly despises stupidity, and given his general presumption that most aliens are stupid he rarely wastes his time on them. being chosen to take a position high in Adascorp is not something he was surprised about, merely something he expected. Despite his outward persona, Lante cares a lot about his family, and it’s integrity means a great deal to him.

This is why his relationship with Lanyef is so strained, he sees his son as a consistent Rebel and a serious threat to not only his own integrity, but his father, and his father before him as well.
When it seemed that he’d led the sith to his family, and in the moment of blind rage that followed, Lante banished his son and his companions, promising that Lanyef would have nothing more to do with his family that he had so shamed.

Lante Reolm

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