Emyef Reolm


The Mother of Lanyef Reolm, Emyef is more or less the face of the Reolm family. Originally the daughter of an Adascorp executive, Emyef married Lante as was expected of her. She eventually grew to love the man she married and assisted greatly in his attempts to turn there family into one of the most respected of the Arkanian families.

While Lante commands great respect, it is mostly thanks to the cunning maneuvers and political games Emyef directs behind the scenes. A simple dinner invite can be a minefield for the woefully unprepared, and Emyef truly embraces the power gossip can have over the higher echelons of business.

Emyef was bemused but not surprised to learn that something was going on between Rebeka and Lanyef, and what she had learned she knew she could use to manipulate Lanyef should the fighting between his father and himself worsen. She never got chance to when she was almost killed by Sith Assassins.

Her recovery is slow, but recovering she is, and her only concern now is to make sure Lante see’s sense and gets in contact with Lanyef again.

Emyef Reolm

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