Artefacts of Old

Episode 42: Nightmare Fuel

Taivus stepped aside Yusan, his Lightsaber low and unthreatening, but still in position for a speedy defence.
“So these are the three heroes of destiny.” He said, “Set on a path to rid the scourge from the galaxy. Upon seeing you however I find I do not fear you but find this theory amusing.”
“Makes it easier for us.” Said Rebeka.
“I am surprised you continue to tangle with these affairs despite how much you have lost already.”
Rebeka glared, Rak seemed confused by the mention of three heroes.
“You pale into insignificance in the grand scheme of things,” he said to Rak.
“What do you mean pale?!”
He ignored him, “You still persist, was killing your father not enough?” he said to Rebeka.
“Apparently not.” She said, still glaring.
“Turning your family against you?” he said to Lanyef.
“We’re fine now thanks.” He replied
“Even the death of your father Cordo Jace, did this not dissuade you?”
“It’s the whole reason I’m here.” Said Jace, weapons drawn.
“I see, then I seems I should redouble my efforts to destroy the things you love until you get the message.” He said.
“How about we start by destroying you?” Said Jace.
“We can’t, because he’s not even here, he’s a hologram.” Said Rebeka.
“Very Perceptive of you. In that case, I will leave you in the capable hands of somebody you’ve met before.” He said, and the perfect hologram disengaged, leaving behind a droid that was initially projecting the image. A pristine HK-50 droid staggered as he regained control of his body and observed his opponents.
“Declaration: Ah former Master, It’s so good to see you again.”
“I’ve missed you.” Said Rebeka
“Smug Statement: Well, I’m hoping not to miss you.” The droid said.
“You should have spaced it,” muttered Jace, blasting at the droid. Hitting it several times, a couple of shots burning into its torso. It had shields that seemed ineffective against the huge carbine. Rak followed it up with his own shots from an ion pistol, damaging the droid and bringing down its shields. Rebeka moved in and fired, firing wide of the droid as it dodged away.
“Declaration: I am impressed. Assassination protocols level 2 initiated.” It said, raising its arm, its hand folding back to produce a tube, a pilot light and a sudden burst of flame that singed Rak and Rebeka as they leapt away. At the same time, canisters dropped from its chassis expelling smoke that made it more difficult to see. Lanyef fired and the shot flew wide because of the new smoke screen.
“Everyone spread out, look out for the flame thrower!” said Jace, firing an Ion rocket the droid nearly avoided. As it exploded he dropped the carbine, drawing his pistols and taking up a new position as Rak drew his blaster rifle and blasted it again. Rebeka hit the staggering droid straight in the head, frying its verbo brain and collapsing it in a heap in the smoke, before its fuel tanks ruptured and exploded, destroying the droids body. With the droid’s ship gone and Yusan dead, they’d reached a dead end, literally. Jace found some unusual tools that he passed on to Rebeka. They headed back to his workshop. It was certain now that the droids were probably created here, but manufactured elsewhere. The room had a couple more secret routes, leading to their hangar, and a short range shuttle, which would only, got him as far as the edge of the system by the looks of it. Jace stripped it for spare parts while the others returned to the workshop to attempt to access Yusan’s computer, and after a couple of tries Lanyef managed it successfully. The monitors returned to life and displayed the information they had been before they were turned off. They were shocked to find each of them displayed either a recording or image of Stebe, from different angles and doing various actions. In all cases it seemed Stebe was unaware of the camera, or paid it no attention.
“I guess we shoot her then.” Said Jace as he returned.
“Why?” asked Rebeka.
“Well, if we shoot her with an ion pistol we’ll know for sure she isn’t a droid.”
“She’s not a droid,” said Rebeka, though she was puzzled by the images, especially as a couple were of her talking with her.
“She’s used the force before so I guess that’s true for now.”
“We thought that about organic droids, and that proved to be wrong,” said Lanyef.
“I think you’ve all lost too much blood. Come on, get the data, and we’ll take these two with us.” Muttered Rebeka.

They left Yavin’s orbit and called General Var Suthra to tell him the bad news. Jace attached bombs to the brother and sister remains to make sure they could blow them up should they reactivate somehow. Rebeka refused to have them anywhere but his cargo bay if that was the case. Meanwhile everyone but Rak called the General.
“Well, have you been successful?”
“No.” said Rebeka.
“Yes and no,” said Lanyef in their defence.
“The Sith killed him before we could get to him. We have his body.” She said hopefully.
“That’s not the result we were looking for.” Grumbled the general.
“We recovered his research and some information from his computer. But I’m sure it’s not enough. We also have two of his droids, but I don’t think they’re working. I might be able to get them up and running.”
“I wouldn’t advise it. In which case I’ll take what you have. I advise you take all of the equipment and Droids to Meera station, where it will be put on a ship bound for the republic. Your employer has returned there as well.”
“Is he safe?”
“He’s fine; Meera is a secret to the galaxy at large. There is no way an assassin could reach him at Meera.” Said Suthra. “If he returns to the major worlds there is a chance he will be attacked again, but that will have to be a risk he takes, when he chooses to.”
“We’ll head back to Meera then.” She said.
“I appreciate the work you’ve done here. You’ve come out with something, much better than nothing.” Said the General, and signed off.

Rebeka opened her eyes. She was in the deserts of Tatooine likely the dune sea given the lack of anything breaking up the endless sands. She turned around and saw Lykat standing before her a few metres away.
“The games are over Rebeka June. Taivus wants you all out of the way. Your life is over. Your nightmare is about to begin.”
Suddenly the sands around Lykat blackened, spreading out in a wave that corrupted the golden sands as it flowed over them. The sands beneath Rebeka’s feet changed and shifted, suddenly dragging her down. She struggled in vain to try to escape as she was dragged into the ground. She wanted to wake up, she willed herself to but she wasn’t going to, the sands covered her head and filled her mouth and nose, leaving her gasping in the dark. The blackness overwhelmed her, but a small glimmer of light seemed to catch her eye. Seeing no other option, Rebeka reached for it and did the only thing she could think of.

Lanyef woke up the next morning. Rebeka was still sleeping peacefully. Rak made breakfast but due to Rebeka’s lie in and Jace’s usual decision to eat alone, he spent the time sat with Lan, which he didn’t relish. Rebeka slept even through lunch which actually begun to worry Lanyef and more so Jurl. He nudged her gently, and she didn’t wake up. Lanyef hugged her, still she remained asleep.
“Beka,” he said quietly. “Time to get up, its lunch.”
Jurl whistled nervously.
“It’s alright, maybe she’s just asleep,” Said Lanyef.
Jurl extended his probe and poked her gently in the side. She still didn’t respond.
“Jace,” said Lanyef into his comm, “can you come to our room, we have a medical emergency.”
“Medical how?”
“Beka is asleep and I can’t wake her up.”
Jace was there in minutes, slapping Lan across the head. “Why didn’t you call me sooner!” he growled.
“Beka normally sleeps to times like this.” He said, rubbing his head.
Jace checked her over, but according to his medical knowledge there was nothing wrong with her. “Help me get her to the Medical Bay.” Said Jace.
They managed between them, Lanyef set up the medical scanner while Jace continued to check her vitals. He then checked all her functions.
“Her brains working overtime, it looks like she’s dreaming.”
Lanyef remained silent about her dreams.
“Maybe it’s some Sith trap we don’t know.” He growled when Lan didn’t respond. “Either way, we should get her to a medical facility.”
“We are heading to Meera.” Said Lan.
Lanyef remained with Rebeka while Rak piloted in Rebeka’s absence. Every now and then Jace would come to check her vitals. Rak played Rebeka some Jizz while she slept at one point. The day past and Lan remained awake as much as possible. Rak tried to look up something on the holonet about Rebeka’s condition, but Jace simply stated bluntly that they weren’t the correct diagnosis.
As Jace continued to nurse Rebeka, Rak decided to contact Stebe, but she didn’t respond, Rak then called Meera Control to alert them of Rebeka’s medical emergency and sent Shrada what readouts Jace had already done, and prayed they would arrive soon.

The morning of the third day they arrived at Meera station, Rak bringing the Dawnstar for docking as the others prepared Rebeka to leave their medical bay. When they landed in the portside docking bay, Shrada, two medical droids and a pair of security with a hover stretcher awaited them. They collected Rebeka as the others spoke with Shrada.
“Have you any clues as to what’s causing this?” asked Rak.
“None I’m afraid, I’ll need to run a few teshts myshelf before I can anounshe anything conclushive. One shet of data ishn’t enough to go on. I’ll need to shee what changesh have occurred.”
He rushed Rebeka to the medical bay and begun tests immediately. While that took place, Rak again attempted to call Stebe and managed to get through to her.
“Rak, this is a surprise, was there something you’d like to discuss?” she inquired. Rak explained what had happened and asked if she’d had any experience with anything of this type before.
Stebe looked thoughtful. “I’m afraid I haven’t, Rebeka had complained of bad dreams a few days ago, I was looking into it for her but have found nothing so far.” She said sadly. “If her condition has worsened then we haven’t much time, and I need to get back to my search.”
“you’ll contact us if you find anything?” asked Rak.
“I will ensure I do, May the Force be with you.” She said, and vanished from the medical bay terminal.
The tests continued and finally Shrada had his own set of results and had made some observations.
“While comparing with your data I have notished an increashe in her brain functionsh. It sheems she is hushing more and more brain function, if she doesh not begin to decreashe she will burn out.” He stated gravely.
“can you do nothing for her? Sedate her?” suggested Jace.
“It hash no effect. I have no idea what ish caushing thish. It might be a reaction to the machine that altered her DNA. Perhapsh she’sh shuffering the shide effectsh. Or it could be shupernatural in nature.”
Rak explained what Stebe had mentioned.
“Shtebe ish likely on the right track. But she will need to hurry, my eshtimatesh give Rebeka sheven daysh to live at mosht.”
All of them looked uncomfortable at this.
“The only other option there ish, that I shee ish if anyone elshe hash come acrossh something similar in their travelsh.” Said Shrada, heading for the holoterminal. He called a number and after a few moments Taylen Maverik and his companion Bob appeared on the hologram.
“Not often we get a call from you Shrada,” said Taylen.
“I’d like you to come down here ash a conshultant, I believe there could be something you might be able to help with.”
“What’s it about?” said Taylen.
“The captain of the Dawnshtar ish not waking up and-“
He had no time to finish his words before Taylen had darted off the hologram, Bob startled at the sudden dash.
“Uh… I think we’ll be right there.” He said, and signed off.
It was a matter of minutes before Taylen arrived at a run, practically knocking a medical droid over as he stopped at them.
“What is it? What’s going on? What happened? What’s wrong with her?” said Taylen, moving to the sleeping Rebeka’s side and taking her hand. Bob appeared shortly after, exhausted, but no less concerned.
Shrada explained, while equally scolding him for his unhelpful reaction. After explaining, Taylen and Bob shook their heads, unable to recall a similar case. Taylen almost certainly felt frustrated he didn’t.
“…But we may know someone who does.” He said levelly, looking at Bob.
“No… we’re not going back there.” Stated Bob flatly, “we are not going back there.”
“This is exactly what she was talking about when she said-“Taylen paused as he realised there were others present. “…that.”
“Well maybe she meant someone else? How do you know that?”
“I just know okay! I feel it in my gut.” They seemed to glower wordlessly for the longest time, then Bob rubbed his forehead with his thumb and sighed.
“Fine, we’ll go.” He muttered.
Taylen turned back to the others, “we might have a way to help her.”
“We’ll do anything.” Said Lanyef.
“…but…” he said, but carried on, “I don’t like it any more than you will but it’s possibly her only chance.”
“Tell us what it is then.” Said Jace.
“If I tell you what it is, you probably won’t want to do it, so you may as well just come with us.”
“Just tell us.” Said Jace.
“I’d like the foreknowledge, but I’ll still do it, whatever it is.”
Taylen sighed and continued. “There’s a system we found ourselves in. An error in the route that caused us to crash on a planet called Glyph. Its home to a group of witches.”
Rak suddenly looked doubtful. “And they helped you, and you gave nothing in return?”
“They said- they ‘prophesied’ that we would be back. We of course said we wouldn’t be, but this is exactly the situation they described.”
“Well, she was right. You are going back, and we’ll be going with you.” Said Lanyef.
“I don’t want to go back, but if there’s a chance it’ll save Rebeka, I’ll do it.” Said Taylen.
“I’ll go too.” Said Bob.
Taylen nodded thankfully, “We’ll take the Lost Cause, it’s a faster ship.”
“I don’t like this, I want to talk to Terrn first, see if he has any options.” Said Jace.
“You can try asking him, but as far as I’m concerned this is the only option. You accept this, or you accept her death, and that depends what kind of friend you are to her.” Said Taylen.

Jace contacted Terrn a half hour later.
“Ah Jace, how can I help?”
Jace explained the situation in detail “… I wondered if you had any contacts that could assist?”
“I can try,” said Terrn regretfully, “but I do not believe I can get anything in seven days. It’s not something I believe I can help with.” He added.
Meanwhile back at the ship, Rak had hit on the idea of contacting Vago the Hutt, but he equally gave his apologies and more or less an equal answer. With that they regretfully accepted Taylen’s plan.
“How long will it take us to get there?” asked Jace.
“With the Lost Cause at full speed it should take 12 hours.” Said Bob.
“What weapons you got?” asked Jace.
“A blaster each.” Said Taylen. Jace didn’t move. “Look we’re hyperspace scouts okay? We deal mainly in first contact situations; we don’t want to be blasting the hell out of them.”
“Not exactly comfortable flying in an unarmed ship.”
“The ship has weapons too, it’s still a dangerous job.” Said Bob.
With that, Taylen, Bob, Jace, Rak, Lanyef and a defiant Jurl who refused to let the sleeping Rebeka out of his sight got aboard the Lost Cause and were setting course for Glyph in a matter of minutes.

They arrived exactly within the allotted time. Glyph was a dark, sinister world that gave everyone a sense of foreboding. It was separated by glowing green lines that only added to the ominous feel to the planet.
“I’m not expecting you to holster your weapons, they are witches after all. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.”
“Good, then we’re agreed.” Said Rak.
Taylen brought the Lost Cause in for a clean landing. The planet was horrible and dark. Dead trees scattered the landing zone as glowing rivers of green liquid oozed through the channels they had created. Taylen lowered the ramp and all inside were hit by the vitriolic stench of the world.
They carefully guided Rebeka out of the ship while Lanyef put on a rebreather. He was dizzy enough from the lack of sleep, so it was unlikely he’d be much good if this went bad. Still he decided to go with them, Jurl following them all out as Taylen locked up the ship and then led the way.
They had been travelling across the blackened rock for a little over half an hour when they came across the remains of some ruins that looked to have collapsed into the ground. Several elderly humans hobbled out to them from the ruins, clad in tattered robes and all manner of horrors growing and protruding from there flesh.
“What’s this, what’s this, six travellers? Six travellers? Seven travellers. Seven travellers.”
They approached them, touching Taylen. “ooh look! It’s the young man again!” they cackled gleefully.
“Get off me hags!” he grumbled, throwing them off.
“Ooh he’s brought visitors too.” They said, approaching the others in curiosity.
“This one’s a bit older but I bet he’s still got some life in him.” Cackled one.
“Enough! We don’t have time for this!” growled Taylen.
“Time? Time? We have all the time in the world young man.” Said one of the women.
“She doesn’t,” said Jace, but keeping his eyes on them.
The women looked at the sleeping Beka. “Ooh, now this one’s a pretty thing isn’t she?”
“She does look sick.” Said another.
“One for mother Kiden I think,” said the third.
“Yes, one for mother Kiden indeed. Come, bring her inside.”
They reluctantly followed them into the ruin, descending into the dark stonewalled cave, lit by flames with no source of fuel that danced over the roof of the corridor. They were led to a large room with an ancient throne, upon which sat presumably Mother Kiden, although she was by no means old enough to be a mother. She was barely out of her teens, wearing a free flowing extravagant dress that seemed to move with complete disregard to the laws of physics and gravity. Her skin was pale and sickly, but not unattractive and her raven hair was tied in a tail that flowed down the left side of her head. Her eyes were a piercing green that were as bright as the rivers of the planet in comparison to the dark green dress she wore. She stood slowly as they entered. The hags approached her. “One for you Mistress. It seems this woman is ill, very ill in fact.” Said one.
Mother Kiden pointed to the stretcher. “Bring her closer.” She intoned, a sinister voice seemed to speak with her every word, as though two were speaking, and one was a possessor.
Taylen slowly pushed her stretcher towards her. Mother Kiden taking slow steps towards her, and then looking down at Rebeka she waved a hand methodically over Rebeka.
“I can cure this.” She said.
“Then cure it.” Demanded Jace.
“There is a price.” She said, ‘Price’ seemed to disappear into the other voice, “One you must pay in exchange for her life.”
“There’s always a catch.” Said Lanyef.
“What would you ask?” said Rak.
“I ask for one favour, in exchange for her cure.”
“What’s that?”
“That…is for me to tell you, once she is cured.”
“Well, it’s not like we have much choice in the matter.” Muttered Rak.
“Precisely.” She said. They swore they heard the other voice chuckle.
“Then why ask?”
“Because a bond needs to be created, an oath sworn to honour this arrangement.” Said Mother Kiden.
“I don’t like this.” Said Jace.
“Me neither, but what choice do we have?” admitted Rak.
“Only three need accept this bond, only three can assist me.”
“I’ll do it.” Said Lanyef without hesitation.
“Do you swear to this?”
“Yes.” Said Lanyef, a rumble occurred somewhere far off, but it was noticeable.
“Who else would swear this?” she inquired.
“I’ll go.” Murmured Rak. Another rumble emphasised this.
“Only one is needed.” She said, looking at Jace.
“You’re up droid.” Muttered Jace, kicking Jurl in the back panel. He buzzed at Jace’s rough treatment and volunteered.
Kiden laughed, a horrible sound that didn’t seem to end when she finished. “A droid cannot go, where we are going.”
“Where’s that?”
“There.” She intoned, without looking, she pointed to Rebeka’s head.
“Fine, let’s do this.” said Jace.
“You agree?” she said, smiling in surprise.
“For now.”
“You must accept this fully if the bond is to be made.”
“Hm…” said Jace, “If you can save Rebeka’s life and you can guarantee this.” He said, there was a third rumble.
“Then the deal is done.”
Rak shot a glare at Taylen and Bob.
“I would have done it if she had asked me.” Taylen said in his defence, “I’m guessing she wanted you three.”
Kiden brushed a finger across their heads without touching them.
“Sleep.” She uttered.
“If this is a trap I’ll-“ said Jace.

“…Kill you,” Finished Jace. Realising he was no longer in the ruin. The three of them seemed to be in a desert that stretched on forever, there was barely any sort of marker or horizon, just endless sands that stretched out forever. All of them felt strange. Jace felt empty, and realised a few moments later that he was in fact. The man he was wasn’t inside the suit of armour and he was more or less a consciousness within his own suit. He felt quite light, but he felt stronger than normal. Lanyef felt incredible, especially after the last few days, but felt much weaker than he would normally be, as though he’d need to be much more careful. Rak found himself looking at a Mon Calamari who was looking at him. The others didn’t seem to acknowledge him, but it seemed no matter what Rak did, the Mon Cala followed him or was just within view.
“Come… this way.” Said a glowing orb nearby. It spoke in the voice of Mother Kiden, or at least, an approximation of it. Without an alternative they followed her, weapons ready.

Rebeka felt her hands again and the sands above her giving way, with sand fearfully close to her airways she scrabbled up towards escape as fast as possible.
Rak and Lanyef noticed the sands ahead of them were sinking, and something was desperately trying to climb out. They hurried over and helped the small person out, Jace helping and pulling the little person free.
The Jawa dusted itself down as the others looked puzzled at her. The Jawa wore atypical jawa robes, but was also equipped with Rebeka’s gear.
“What happened?” the Jawa said.
“These things can speak?” asked Jace.
“Not normally.” Said Lanyef.
“Things?! Hello! That’s not very nice.” Pouted the Jawa.
“Sorry.” said Rak.
“It sounds like her, a little.” Said Lanyef.
“Beka’s a Jawa now.” Said Jace.
“I’m a what,” said Rebeka.
Rak gave her a mirror, and she observed herself.
“What happened?” she said sadly.
“You tell us.” Said Rak, taking the mirror back. “What’s with this guy?” he said, pointing to the Mon calamari, which waved at the assembled company.
Everyone looked confused, they didn’t see him.
“Nothing, never mind.”
“No seriously what guy?” asked Rebeka.
“Don’t ask, little Jawa.”
“Why am I a Jawa, what happened?” asked Rebeka, almost confused to tears.
“You are in a dream. The reason you are a Jawa is because it was the only place you could hide.” Said Mother Kiden’s glowing orb.
“Inside a Jawa?” said Rak uncertainly.
“Inside any avatar, fortune decreed it was this creature.”
Now that they thought about it, Rebeka did look almost like Shiyga, if Jawas were even distinguishable.
“So how do we wake her up?” asked Jace.
“Whatever is causing this is in that direction.” Said Kiden.
“Then let’s find it and beat it up and get out of here.” Said Jace.
“I’m not going back there.” Muttered Rebeka.
“You have to, if you do not, your friends will fail. You need to face your fear.”
“So you know what’s in that direction?” asked Rebeka.
“I do. And you will not be rid of this bond until you confront her. This is a dream Rebeka; we are Avatars within your dream and draw strength from you.”
“So…who are you?”
“Someone who is trying to help you, that is all you need to know.”
“Fine, let’s go, I don’t want to be here any longer.”

They headed into the desert for several hours, before they saw a wave of black sand sweep over the desert, changing the gold sands to more of the same. The wave passed across them, not burying them, but converting the ground beneath them. Rebeka whimpered and covered her face, but she didn’t start sinking.
“What was that?” asked Rak, the Mon Cala shrugged.
“We haven’t much time.” Said Mother Kiden, “We need to make sure that does not reach the end of the desert.”
“What will that mean?” asked Rebeka.
“You will die.”
Rebeka whimpered again, and they pressed on. Half an hour passed and there was a rattle of thunder.
“You are FOOLS to come to this place!!” roared Lykats voice from all around them.
Scanning about Lanyef and Rebeka noticed trails in the sand that suddenly exploded, launching black skinned Wraids with furious red eyes at them. Rebeka pulled her small blaster and fired, hitting the Wraid as it leapt. It struck Lanyef with a claw as it landed, a second hitting Jace as Rak rolled away.
Lanyef returned fire, injuring it as it tried to hop away with a few more shots as Jace opened fire with his blaster rifle, killing the Wraid with a barrage of blasts. It flopped on the sand and melted into a pile of black sand. Rebeka, blasted the Wraid before her again as it tried to swipe at her, rolling away in time. Rak was less fortunate as a big claw swung out and struck him across the back. Mother Kiden muttered some words and struck one of the Wraids with lightening, as Lanyef blasted the other, causing sand to pour from its wound. Rak blasted another down, causing it to fall to sand before Jace finished off the Last Wraid by punching it. It exploded in sand that got in his armour, and got him to pause as he poured it all back out.
The others were shocked to see Jace was empty.
“What’s going on there?” said Rak.
Jace removed his helmet, to reveal he was indeed empty.
“You always been like that?”
“It is a part of his avatar, do not be fooled.” Said Kiden, “Now come.”

The cloud in the distance grew ever larger as they continued their march.
“I can halt your progress at any time; I have the command of every nightmare she has ever faced.” Boomed the voice of Lykat.
“Why not come and do it yourself!” shouted Jace. Suddenly the sand exploded and three horrific creatures that everyone but Rak recalled from their past descended on them. Covered in red eyes around its base with trees growing out of them, the spiders stalked towards them. Rebeka squeaked and hid behind Lanyef as they jabbed at each of them. Only Jace was unfortunate enough to get scratched by one as Kiden uttered some words and created a whirlwind of sand that buffeted the creature. Lanyef blasted one a couple of times, hitting its hard bark like flesh. Rak unloaded on the one caught in the whirlwind, killing the creature as Jace shredded one with his rotary blaster carbine as Rebeka blasted frantically at the remaining one as it jabbed at Lanyef several times as Mother Kiden struck it with lightening. Lanyef blasted it finally and the creature collapsed on the black sand, falling apart into sand just like the other two. Mother Kiden urged them to press on, another couple of hours passed and they were under the storm clouds now. Suddenly there was a crack of thunder and Lykat appeared in their path.

“Well, this is interesting; you are not figments of her subconscious. If you were I could control you.” She said, and looked to the ball of light. “I take it this is your doing.”
“Indeed it is, and I am here to end you attack and keep you out.” Said Kiden.
Lykat smirked, “I’m always in her mind. I don’t have to do this to get under her skin and into her head. There are easily enough threads I could cut to tear her mind apart. This happens to be the easiest way to do it. And now I’m going to show you the full extent of your failure. For you see I found something in here. Something locked away from everyone.”
“Stories, they are interesting things. Myths and legends about bones so long dead they likely no longer exist. But what happens when the stories are breathed into by life? Can you truly best a dragon?”
The sands exploded around them, enveloping Lykat and building into the huge shape of a Krayt Dragon.
“Come then, let’s see if you can truly save your friend!” it roared.



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