Artefacts of Old

Episode 30: A Pirates life for me

After returning to Meera to give Lanyef Reolm’s great grandfathers legacy, Jaca Terrn explains that Pirate Durgo Vernaka has located an Artefact they are searching for. Now Rebeka June, Lanyef Reolm, Rak Blackfire and Jace, discuss the terms of the trade…

“It’s been a while.” Said Rebeka, vaguely recalling Durgo.
“Durgo Vernaka, your reputation precedes you.” Said Rak.
“Ha! Nothing to terrible I hope.” Said the Weequay, his monkey lizard climbing up him onto his shoulder.
“As far as I know mister Vernaka, you happen to possess one of the artefacts I’m looking for. A beacon of some sort.” Said Terrn.
“Yes that is true.” He said, wandering of Hologram and returning with a strange shape. “Behold! The beacon!” he proclaimed. The item he held in his hand looked like an egg; however it had a similar peak to that of the Star map they recovered. It was most certainly Rakatan in design.
He handed it back to one of his men.
“Well, as I said before, these are the people I will be sending to pick up the Artefact. Now did you wish to discuss payment?”
“Certainly, But first there is something I will need, a finder’s fee if you will.” He said.
“What sort of finder’s fee?” said Terrn Sceptically.
“Well, I found it, and I want a fee for it? And I’ll not tell you where I am until I get this fee. Then we will discuss the price.”
“Very well, what is this fee?”
Durgo considered this, “oh let’s say the fee for my location of where I am right now is…” and he trailed off, yelling at his lieutenant, Dimat in Huttese. Hey Dimat! How much was the spice they turned over to the authorities?”
Lanyef and Rebeka groaned, it looked like he hadn’t forgotten the loss of his Spice.
“Five thousand credits boss!” said Dimat back in Huttese.
“Ah Yes! Six thousand credits worth of spice!”
“Hang on. It was only five thousand credits.” Said Rebeka defiantly.
“True, very true. But there is the time it has been out of my hands, plus inflation, supply and demand. I’m a business man, such things affect my trade.”
“Of course,” said Rebeka, sighing.
“So now the price of my location is six thousand credits.” Said Durgo. Everyone looked at Terrn. “In spice.” Added Durgo.
“In spice? Surely then you can knock a little off, as you’ll make double that when you re-sell it.”
“No no. Six thousand is my final offer, and I let you choose the spice you buy.” Said Durgo.
They considered there options, Terrn breaking the silence after a few minutes. “Can I negotiate a higher price in order to pay in credits?”
“No, I’m sorry, but I only deal in spice. It has a better exchange rate and is notoriously difficult to track.”
Terrn sighed and shrugged. “I’m sorry mister Vernaka, it may be impossible for me to do such a thing.”
“That… is a shame. Because the price you will negotiate for the beacon will also be in spice. So you need to find out who you can get to pay your way, or maybe I’ll hand it over to the sith.”
“Let’s not do anything hasty.” Said Rebeka hurriedly.
“No, of course, As long as you still consider my price I won’t be sending it anywhere.” Said Durgo, inspecting his hands.
“Popara still owes us a favour,” said Rebeka to the others.
They considered this, and nodded.
“Also I have one other stipulation for whoever you are sending here. I expect it to be these four who come.” Added Durgo.
“Why these four specifically?” asked Terrn.
“We have a lot of catching up to do. I’d hate to deal with some nobody.” Laughed Durgo, “though it disappoints me that the Twi’lek friend is no longer a part of your little group.”
The sudden request for their presence made the group very wary and more concerned it was a trap.
“He retired, you should check out the theatre on Ryloth, you’ll see him there. He’s very good.” Said Rebeka.
“I may just do that.” Agreed Durgo.
“Very well, I’ll discuss it with them and see if we cannot come to some sort of arrangement.”
“Alright, I await your answer.” He said, giving a dramatic bow and the hologram disappearing.
“I am beginning to wonder about the friends you are making across the galaxy.” Said Terrn looking more at Rak than the others. “Regardless I cannot pay the amounts he may require as I am not well connected with the criminal element.”
“Well, we do deal with criminals so it’s all good.” Joked Rebeka, but Terrn didn’t look too pleased.
“Alright, which criminal are you referring to?”
“Well, as I said, Popara the Hutt does owe us a favour, and he is known for selling Glitterstim, perhaps he can help exchange the money?” said Rebeka.
“Popara… I understand he is one of the more generous Hutts, and more amicable. Very well, contact him and I will pay for the spice we require.”
They did so, Terrn leaving the holoviewer room to allow the group to contact Popara. They contacted him and received Vago instead.
“Bu Lhonu Popara banba bo bamauasa, um goo doth koutonake. Haku doth fa da uba banag?” he said, telling them Popara was indisposed, but he may be able to assist.
" Jeejee dayan Glitterstim, wa jakola see fa.” Said Rebeka, explaining the need for Glitterstim in large amounts. Vago nodded and explained he would speak to Popara immediately, and then went off Hologram for a while. He then returned with news.
" Mala Popara hatkocanh cahcata uba mee danwoha see keeta don keemon dokwacha phabeka see glitterstim. Fa hatkocanh patka bo see mee woiay da bu duba see uba gee matka." He said, stating Popara had agreed to pay the full amount of spice in exchange for one favour. Bought he also mentioned something unusual.
“Three favours?” said Rebeka. Vago nodded; apparently one of them had already used a favour.
He asked if they needed it delivering, but Rebeka said they would pick it up. Vago explained how to do this, giving them a list of instructions and signals on how to pick up the spice, which would be available in the Kinyen system. Rebeka had now used her favour, and Vago proclaimed such before they ended the call.
They left the room and returned to Terrn’s office.
“We’ve secured the spice.” Said Rebeka.
“I see, how much did they want in exchange?” asked Terrn.
“They have given us it.” Said Rebeka.
Terrn looked visibly surprised, “That’s very generous. Am I to take it this is to do with the deal you made with Black Sun?”
“Yes.” Said Rebeka.
“But it doesn’t involve them.” Added Rak hurriedly.
“I know all too well Popara is not affiliated with Black Sun. Still it is unbelievable how much power a Hutt can wield.”
“Popara’s cool.” Said Rak, Rebeka agreeing.
“I don’t doubt that, I’m merely stating that a favour from a Hutt is not something one should scoff at.”
“That or a Twi’lek’s attraction.” Added Rak.
“I will call Durgo and let him know we’ve acquired the spice.” Said Terrn, and he did just that.
This time Durgo was facing the correct way. “Ah, so, you have come to a decision then?”
“Yes, we have procured the amount you requested in spice. Where did you want it sent?”
Durgo smiled, “I’m not unreasonable, I will trust you just this once, to bring it to me here on Gelgalar.”
“Alright,” said Rebeka warily.
“Gelgalar?” said Terrn.
“Yes, Gelgalar, I currently have a base there. You bring the spice to me there and I will make sure your accommodations for the duration of your stay are comfortable.
“We’ll not be staying; we’ll deliver your spice, take the artefact and negotiate whatever price you wish for the artefact.”
“But surely you don’t want to miss a Weequay Banquet?” said Durgo.
They looked unsure, “alright, we may stay for a drink,” said Rebeka.
“Haha! Very well, I will get the balloons!” he said, and the channel closed.
“You may leave when you are ready,” said Terrn, “but keep your wits about you. He is after all, a pirate.
“If we’re not back in a month, send out a search party.” Said Rebeka, which despite jovial was more or less a serious request.

The Dawnstar arrived one and a half days later in the Kinyen System and landed planet side to stock up on goods and supplies for the trip to Gelgalar. Rebeka also saw about getting a body for the head of the assassin droid, despite Rak’s misgivings about her keeping it. With their shopping done they set about picking up the spice from the drop point, and Jace left the ship and recovered it. Once the spice was secured they set of for Gelgalar. Rebeka converted her Slugthrower pistol to look more like a Blaster during the travelling time.
They reached Gelgalar two days later, a moss coloured sphere in space. A scan of the planet revealed a republic outpost; however it did not look like it had seen much use in a few years.
“I reckon this is some sort of trap.” said Rebeka.
“It just might be,” murmured Rak. “Still no one’s shooting at us as yet.”
“Well no one should mention the spice until we know where the artefact is.” Warned Rebeka. They flew down to the outpost, and their own sight showed just how much disrepair the outpost was in. several figures moved about on the docking platform, a few privately owned ships were landed on the platform already. As they begun landing they saw Durgo and his lieutenant along with a couple of other Weequay waiting for them. They opened the ramp to the atmosphere. It was warm and humid, and the terrain surrounding the outpost was more or less a swamp. Mould grew on the outer walls of the outpost, and they were all certain breathing this air in wasn’t healthy.
“Welcome welcome welcome, to Gelgalar!” said Durgo in greeting gesturing to the uncomfortable terrain.
“It’s…lovely.” Managed Rebeka.
“It was the best I could find at short notice. Come! Let me give you a tour of our facilities.” He said gesturing them to follow him.
“What’s with the outpost?” asked Rebeka.
“It’s good is it not? It’s an outpost the republic had during the war. When the war was over, they moved out, and I moved in. They left everything they had been sent for anyone to find, so naturally, myself and my men found it.”
“Well it’s impressive.” Said Rebeka kindly.
They entered the outpost, and inside it still appeared as a Republic outpost, various rooms devoted to communication, intelligence and other important aspects still seemed to function, if only partially. Many systems seemed to cease working due to the damp; others were overgrown by moss and plants.
“But I’m sure you are not interested in the layout of the facility, there is something you need to see. Come!”
He led them to a lift; the other Weequay peeled off and went about their business.
“Keep an eye out, won’t you.” He said to Dimat as he got in. his lieutenant giving a nod.
The others were apprehensive about doing so. “Don’t be shy friends! Get in the lift.” He said cheerfully. His kowakian monkey lizard leapt on his shoulder after pelting down the corridor after him. Durgo laughed and put the creature out of the lift. “No no, you wait here, I will be back.”
With the others in the lift the doors closed and they dropped several floors. The lift opened to a darkened corridor, which Durgo led the way into, the lights coming on as he walked through each segment. He reached one segment where the light didn’t come on, and he stamped on a particular panel on the floor to get the light working again. He reached a large heavy set door at the end of the corridor and turned to face them. May I present, the crowning jewel of my career.” He said, and opened the door. The room it opened into was heavily built, the entire purpose of which was clearly to contain explosives that may be recovered on base. An additional protection was several ray shield generators which could easily contain most limited explosives. In the chamber inside the shields was not an explosive, but a figure. She sat with her eyes closed and cross legged apparently unaware of her surroundings. She wore pale robes the colour of stormy clouds, and reminded everyone of a Jedi or Sith.
“May I introduce you to, Darth Storn.” Said Durgo, confirming their suspicions. Everyone looked apprehensive; Jace checking his guns were still there and loaded. Durgo laughed, “You needn’t worry friends, and there is no way she can get through the ray shields.”
Jace’s expressionless helm looked at him. It was clear to Durgo what the expression was, but he made no obvious expressions save the self-satisfaction. “You don’t think she would have escaped by now if they didn’t work?” he added.
“I think she will be in there as long as she wants to be.” Said Rebeka. “She could escape if she wanted.”
“How very perceptive of you.” Said Darth Storn. Rebeka jerked round to face her and drew her blaster.
She didn’t say anything else. They all noticed she was unarmed, Rebeka and Lanyef noticed that beneath the hood her complexion was somewhat grim. Storn may once have been a fairly attractive woman at one point; however her mouth and eyes seemed to have been burned slightly around the lips and sockets. Rebeka identified this as Dark side Corruption, something powerful Sith tended to get had they not prescribed to the medical procedures to avoid.
Durgo seemed to be observing them.
“I don’t understand, how did you even capture her?” asked Rebeka.
“Oh it was an incredible battle! She had those laser sword things, and we fought tooth and nail, until finely I disarmed her, and she had no choice but to Surrender.”
“He found me.” Said Storn again, but the others didn’t need her prompt to know he was lying.
“Either way, you were captured, and that is not an easy thing to do.” Said Durgo.
“I agree, it is not easy to capture a Sith.” Added Storn.
“So why have you allowed yourself to be captured?” said Rebeka.
Storn smiled, standing up and opened her eyes, they glowed an ominous yellow beneath her hood.
“There is a purpose to everything that I do, my purpose here was to locate the beacon that you have come to collect. I found it and unfortunately was captured in the process.”
Rebeka was sure she was lying. Storn noticed the doubt and smirked.
“And so you do not believe me. Interesting, that you would be so quick to dismiss everything I say as lies.”
“Consider it a compliment.” Said Rebeka.
“I do. Trust can be a powerful influence on the weak. And yet, as ironic as it may seem to you, I am the most trustworthy individual in this room.”
Everyone seemed to agree; even Durgo gave a shrug of acknowledgement.
Darth Storn paced about her cell, observing the four of them, “You know don’t you. You can trust that I am your enemy and if I escaped I would kill you if you got in my way. You can trust I would try to capture the beacon and escape. You can trust I would kill every living thing on this planet to complete my goals. You could also Trust that if we ever faced each other it would most certainly end up with one of us dying. These are natural truths of an enemy, and you would be correct in applying them to me. But isn’t it strange that for people so willing to trust in each other there are layers of doubt about your actions.”
She paused in front of Jace. “The Mandalorian, your heritage follows a code of honour that when Mandalore calls you answer. And yet you defy this and seek revenge over all things, including your friends. How much trust can your companions give you when they know you would rather choke the life from me, than save them from imminent danger?”
She looked about the others, moving towards Rak. “Ah, the newest member of your little group, you’ve done nothing to make them doubt have you. Or have you? A man when faced with insurmountable odds will abandon those he owes a debt to if it will save his hide. I wonder if you will abandon these if they are not on the winning side?”
Rak’s face didn’t move. “Doubt in others is one thing, but there is no more crippling fear than that which self-doubt causes.” She continued looking at Lanyef and Rebeka. “The empty feelings of a man unable to protect his own mother and a woman her own father.”
This seemed to get the response she was waiting for as Rebeka frowned. “You doubt each other, you doubt yourselves, so answer me this. How is it that you all distrust my word over each other’s, and yet you can trust me more than each other?”
Durgo clapped his hands. “Right! I believe that is enough, everyone out.” He said hurriedly. “You, go back to sleep.”
“Your allies are correct pirate; there is no prison that can truly hold me.” Said Storn, sitting down and crossing her legs.
“Well, you haven’t tried to break out of there just yet. So until I find out what you want or until someone decides to pay the bounty for you, that is where you will stay.”
“What is the bounty on her head?” asked Jace.
“There isn’t one, however I’m sure the Republic or Empire will pay a good fee regardless.”
“I’ll pay you 10,000 to let me put her out of her misery.”
“I could easily get more from the Republic.” He said, ushering them out. “Plus I only deal in spice.”
Rebeka watched Storn with a sour expression then left with the others. The door closed and Durgo chuckled, “Okay that is enough proof that you are not in league with each other. Come, we will go back up to my office, we can talk price and then we can all be on our way.”
They headed for the lift, the lights going off behind them.
“You don’t want to keep her in there.” Said Rebeka.
“Do not worry, I’ll not underestimate a Sith. In fact this base is compromised so we’ll be leaving here and leaving her to rot as well.”
“You might be better of detonating it from space if I were you.” Said Rak.
“You’ve got missiles right.” Said Jace.
“I’d put a bomb in with her then she might not get away.” Said Rebeka.
Durgo said nothing the rest of the journey, then when they returned to the higher levels and reached his office the door half stuck and he was forced to push on it until it moved again. “Damn things are failing all over the place. Glad the ones downstairs are still working.” They followed him in, Dimat followed behind them along with his monkey lizard. Durgo sat at the desk, putting his feet up and his hand out, and his pet snatched up a glass and bottle and filled it, putting the glass in Durgo’s hand. The Beacon was on his desk, visible to the four of them.
“So to business, what are you prepared to offer in regards to the beacon?” he asked, taking a sip.
“It’s nice, yes?”
“We’ve got your spice, what else do you want?” asked Rebeka.
“More spice of course! That was only the finder’s fee, and to be honest it was a way to get back the money that you lost me several months ago. But now the slate is clean and we’re now able to do business together.”
“How much spice do you want for it?” asked Rebeka.
“I’m willing to hear what you have to offer.” Said Durgo.
“Okay…” Rebeka considered an offer.
“How about we save your life when the Sith breaks out of her prison.” Said Jace.
Durgo laughed, “I have several dozen men to do that for me.”
“They won’t be enough.” Said Rebeka.
“And how many Sith have these men killed between them?” said Jace.
Durgo made a mock gesture of counting. “None. But I’m not here to talk about Sith I’m here to talk price, and currently there is no profit from you saving my life from this Sith who cannot get out of her cell anyway. That room could only be breached by a nuclear bomb, and no Sith alive except maybe the Emperor himself has that kind of power.”
“Well you don’t seem interested in keeping the beacon-“tried Rebeka.
“But it is worth something to you, and if it is worth something to you, it is worth more to me.” He said.
Rebeka sighed, “Would you be willing to accept anything other than spice?”
“No…” Durgo drank his drink and sighed. “Alright alright. You seem to be new to this business so let me explain how money works-“
“We know how money works, we just don’t deal in spice!” said Rebeka.
“Then that is your loss,” chuckled Durgo. “But as you say you don’t deal in spice, so how could you know the value of it. So, I will put the price at three hundred thousand credits.”
Rebeka laughed facetiously, “no.”
“Good luck with your Sith we’ll be leaving now.” Said Rak.
“We may not deal in spice but even an idiot would know that is a poor price.” Insisted Rebeka.
“Alright, alright, I was just seeing if you had good business sense.”
“I thought we were friends,” pouted Rebeka.
“Fine, then as a gesture of friendship I will lower the price to 299,999 credits worth of spice.”
“Good day sir.” Said Rak.
“Your idea of friendship is terrible.” Said Rebeka.
“Fine, it was a joke, a joke honestly, two hundred thousand is my actual offer.”
“Good day sir.” Repeated Rak.
“Better, I’m sure you can do even better.”
Durgo actually looked uncomfortable. “A hundred and seventy five.”
Rak left the room.
“Alright, and then there were three.” Said Durgo, “a hundred and fifty?”
Rebeka glared at him. He looked at the beacon and tapped the table.
“Augh you’re going to put me out of business, fine, the lowest I will go is a hundred thousand credits worth of spice. Not a kilogram less.”
They judged Durgo, but knew if he insisted it probably meant he wasn’t going to go any lower.
“That sounds more appealing, we should get in contact with Terrn. I’m sure he’ll pay it because he wants it.”
Durgo’s bright demeanour returned, “Very well, I will let you use our facilities to call your employer and put all this shady business behind us.”
“Uhhh Boss?” said Dimat nervously.
The group suddenly drew blasters ready, they’d been expecting this.
Durgo didn’t flinch, “What is it? Can’t you see I’m closing a deal here?”
“Boss there’s apparently some… things in the Sith’s room.”
“What do you mean things? What are they?”
“Things… they moved too fast for us to see, they removed all the cameras.”
An alarm sounded, klaxons went and lights not damaged by the overgrowing plants whirred away.
“Warning: Containment Area breached.” Alerted the computer voice. “All non-essential personnel evacuate to a safe distance to be clear of any blast radius.
“Good luck with that.” Said Rak, who’d come back to the room.
Durgo looked unamused, “This is not a good day!” he said, marching towards the lift corridor. The party followed him as several Weequay hurried to the lift.
“How much are you going to pay us to save your hide?” Said Jace.
“Interestingly enough, my price for the beacon went up in value. If you kill the bitch. You’ll get your reward!”
“You have a deal, shake on it.” Demanded Rebeka.
Durgo sighed and spat on his hand, “Fine, fine, now go join the others.” He said as Rebeka did the same and shook his hand.

The elevator doors opened and Durgo and the group left the lift. Dimat and several other Weequay lined the corridor. The lights were all on. Durgo pressed his hand to his ear.
“Close the blast door!” he said, and the additional door sealed over the exit out of the room. “There, now there is no way without any lightsabers she can get through that door.”
“She will,” said Rebeka doubtfully.
There was a massive boom as the doors ahead of them crumpled in towards the corridor.
“Of course I could be wrong,” said Durgo.
“You’re very wrong; you shouldn’t have had her in the first place.”
“Boss what are we going to do?”
Rak readied himself, blaster at the door. Rebeka did the same while giving Durgo a rendition of ‘I told you so’.
“Yes, yes, yes, we all make mistakes just get ready to kill her. No point crying over spilt blue milk.”
Lanyef readied his blaster as Jace hurried forward to another Weequay. “You should probably start running,” he murmured.
“Boss?” repeated Dimat.
“You, hold this position, I, am going to protect there, investment.” He said, strolling to the lift and letting it ascend.
“Coward.” Muttered Jace. The Weequay next to him fled, the others held their ground. Jace shook his head. There was a sudden rush of energy and the blast door and the door behind it flew out of the portal, catching Jace and Lanyef as it flew by them, then slammed against the lift, before they collapsed loudly in front of the wall. The Chamber beyond was filled with smoke, electric flashes were all that was visible.
“Slaughter them all.” Declared Storn from within the smoke. A familiar binary screech burst from the smoke and two Scourge droids burst from the smoke cloud to attack the nearest Weequay. The group opened fire, hitting armoured and shielded plates on the first droid as it drove it’s blade into the Weequay before it. Another went down under the slice of the droids blade as more Scourge droids poured from the smoke. Rak reloaded as Rebeka fired a volley at the damaged droid, causing more damage to its chassis. Jace’s heavy blaster clicked so he continued fire with his pistol, damaging the droid some more. The Weequay finished blasting the droid to pieces as it shrieked in its death throes. A couple more Weequay fell to the remaining droids blades as another figure stepped out of the smoke, Darth Storn strolled out into the corridor ignoring the guns pointed at her and the carnage about her. Rak and Rebeka caused some damage to another droid as Lanyef attempted to shoot it but his shots flew wide. Jace blasted the damaged droid in its chassis, causing it to shriek and collapse as he continued fire on another droid, damaging its armour. Blaster fire filled the corridor, and still Storn strolled through like they weren’t there. The droids continued to leap on the Weequay as they progressed through the corridor. Rebeka and Rak blasted the closest droids as they came up the corridor causing gaps in their armoured chassis to appear. Lanyef took advantage and terminated another of the black droids, Storn’s progress halted only so she could step over it. She reached Jace and the Mandalorian drew his vibroblades quickly. “I’m not the biggest threat to you right now.” She intoned.
Jace suddenly found himself agreeing, “You’re not the biggest threat to me right now.” He repeated, and swung his blades at the droid next to him as Storn moved passed him. He caused some serious damage to the droids chassis as the Weequay blasted at the Sith, who simply avoided the shots. A Weequay managed to hold his own against the droid he was facing. Then Lanyef and Rak heard a low growl from inside the chamber. Rak went to blast Storn, who spoke again,
“Your friend will die if I go near her; you need to hold onto her to keep her safe.” Rak tried to resist, but he seemed to believe her words and leapt on Rebeka, trying to keep her safe. Rak grabbed at Rebeka next to her that through her aim off, causing the deadly shot to graze Storn minorly. Rebeka managed to throw him off. Lan managed to hit her with a shot as well, grazing her. Jace continued to slice at the droid when there was suddenly a loud terrifying roar from the smoke filled chamber. Storn sighed, “If you’re that bored you can come out now.”
Another droid ended the life of a Weequay and was hit by Jace as it passed by him. Another Weequay fell and the droid assisted the one attacking Jace who caused a minor cut in his side. Rebeka went to blast Storn again, but suddenly found her gone. She wasn’t gone, but Rebeka could no longer see her Storn was grazed a few more times by Lanyef’s fire given the momentary distraction. Jace cut down another droid as Storn avoided two Weequay coming at her with knives causing them to over extend and fly past her. Suddenly the smoke burst forward and a large black wookiee barrelled into the corridor. Minimal robes flowing and his huge lightsaber in hand. He ignited the huge blade and swung, cutting through the scourge droid in front of Jace as well as grazing him severely in the process. Storn continued to march through the corridor towards the lift as Rak grabbed Rebeka to keep her safe from Storn, even though she couldn’t see her.
“Rak, I like a hug, but now is not the time!” she yelled as he grabbed her.
Lan tried to blast her, suddenly his foot slid slightly as he tried to fire, as Storn attempted to trip him, but his shot still burned her side.
“You look like you might be fun.” Said Jace, the wookiee growled at him, he got under his guard and struck the wookiee a couple of vicious times with his vibroblades. Storn finally escaped into the elevator and it ascended up. The wookiee boosted its speed with the force and threw itself at Jace, cutting into him heavily as the remaining droid cut down another Weequay. The remaining uninjured Weequay, one of them being Dimat, fled quickly to the elevator, not wanting to tangle with the Wookiee. With Storn gone, Rak no longer felt compelled to protect Rebeka, and turned his gun on the remaining droid blasting away until it collapsed in a heap of charred metal. Rebeka fired on the wookiee, but because she was trying not to hit Jace the blasts flew too wide. Lanyef’s did the same as Jace swung at the wookiee again, causing a nasty cut across the wookiee’s arm. The Wookiee was wild, moving furiously to kill Jace and avoid his swings. The Wookiee struck Jace again, catching him in his side and burning through his armour. Rak fired on the wookiee, but its speed and his desire to avoid hitting Jace made a few shots fly wide. He still caused some minor burns. Rebeka and Lan’s combined fire caused a few more burns on the Wookiee, while Jace bowed out from the Sith and darted away. However instead of going after him like he expected, the wookiee charged down the corridor, slamming into Rebeka and carrying her across the corridor until he reached Rak, then swung his huge blade, catching both of them with a nasty burn. Rak dodged away and blasted the wookiee a minor graze, but with desperation and her position on the floor, Rebeka hit the wookiee heavily in the chest at point blank range. The wookiee snarled, but its snarl was abruptly cut off when Lanyef blasted in the back. Rebeka rolled away as the wookiee fell over onto the spot she was in, and there was silence once more in the corridor, save for the groans of injured pirates.



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