Artefacts of Old

Episode 27: Reunification

Mika the Hutt Found! After searching the plague ridden planet of Endregaad, Our heroes find another mystery being revealed on the planet, a highly addictive spice called tempest. Our heroes followed the trail of the Hutt to a downed ship responsible for the plague and this new spice, before defending it from pirates. Now our gallant heroes return across the wastes to temple valley, with the Hutt in there protection…

They took off across the plains of Endregaad at full speed, leaving the miners in temple valley by late afternoon. Mika insisted they press on to the capital and by evening they were heading for it. They made camp for the night and discussed there next plans.
“I still have business to conclude in Tel Bollin, we’ll need to return to the Skydove freight offices for a short while.
“The offices are more or less gone.” Warned Jace.
“Ah, in that case I’ll need to get to the miner’s guild hall. They will have the documentation as well.”
“Okay, we will go there then.” Said Rebeka.
They turned in for the night. Lanyef and Rak took first watch while the others slept. One of the creatures that had been hounding them on their journey before appeared more or less as expected. BMO flashed his image caster to alert Jace, who woke to the sudden light show. They watched it hop forward and back, before Jace was fed up with its games and blasted it. The creature took a nasty graze and fled into the desert. When Jace and Rebeka took up there watch, the creature returned.
“Hi.” Rebeka tried, Jace fired again, the shot flying wide and the creature left. A few minutes later it returned.
“Clear off!” said Rebeka, stepping forward, it went to go but stepped simply kept its distance. Rebeka stepped again and once more it took a step back.
“Careful now, remember what happened to Lanyef.” Warned Jace.
“I’m not that stupid.” She said. She tossed a few bolts at it and it fled, again returning after a few minutes.
“Go away or we’ll keep shooting you.” Warned Rebeka. The creature was suddenly hit by a blaster shot and the creature fled.

Morning came and they packed up heading out across the desert.
“Any idea what those things are?” asked Rebeka as she drove the skiff after her friends bikes.
“I believe they are called Oasis children, somewhat dumb creatures, I believe there purpose in life is to gather other creatures for food. They tend to pick on lone creatures.”
“We aren’t alone though.”
“No, but desperate times my dear, I’ve no doubt they would drag you off if you got too far or were foolish enough to leave camp.”
Rebeka didn’t like the sound of that, and it was made all the worse for having to spend the night in the wastes once more. Still Mika passed the nights, asking of their adventures, learning what he could of his rescuers. When they went to sleep, Rebeka and Jace found one of the creatures hounding them again, and both opened fire on the Oasis Child, the creature fleeing after suffering a couple of hits.

Dawn came, and they packed up to set off, there way clear. Mika mentioned the Oasis children hunted in packs of three or four and were rarely a threat unless you were alone. They arrived In Tel Bollin by late morning and Mika took them inside the mining guild hall to finalise the deals. He accepted there deals and begun the long arduous process of signing deals and writing paperwork. The miners continuously swapped due to the exhaustion the plague affected them with. Once the business ended and night fell, Mika asked for the miners to allow them to stay for the night so they could set out tomorrow. The miners obliged, giving the four of them a cot each to sleep in for the night, and providing bedding for Mika.

The morning came, and Rebeka took it upon herself to give Mika the cure. Because while he appeared to be alright, he did spend the night exposed to the plague. As she administered the cure, she noticed he was looking at her curiously.
“What is it?” she asked.
“Nothing…I er… don’t like needles.” He said.
“I’m not really a fan of them myself, but you don’t want to get sick either.” She said, though she was certain that wasn’t the reason for his looks.
“We are taking you back to your father, you can tell me things.” She insisted.
Mika smiled, “With all due respect, I imagine there are things you don’t want me to know about you, having only just met.”
“Alright. I can respect that.”
“While I appreciate of course everything you’re doing here, we have only just met.”
They returned to the Ship with Mika, the hauler and four swoop bikes from there stash and begun the take-off procedures. Mika stayed in the cargo bay, instead of the somewhat cramped quarters available.
“Will you be alright here?” asked Rebeka.
“Yes, yes, I can get all the comforts I need once I return to my family.”
“It may get a little bumpy.” Suggested Rebeka.
“Ah… I dare say. The Indrexu Confederation will not take lightly to breaking there blockade a second time.”
They launched and set off for the gap in the fighter screen, flying across the planet and out into open space. The stars twinkled invitingly at them, and then they noticed some of the stars moved in to intercept them.
“Attention unidentified Vessel. You are violating the quarantine of Endregaad.” Came a clipped military voice over the com. “Drop your shields, stand down and prepare to be boarded. Fail to comply and you will be destroyed. ”
“Jace try not to destroy them, we want to escape, not start a war.” Warned Rebeka. She nodded to Rak in the ion cannon turret and they began to escape. They zoomed passed the wing coming at them; Rak blasting them with ion energy, causing two of the IRD’s to float uselessly in space. Jace brought his gun about as the ship flew past the wing. The remaining fighter turned to pursue, Jace opening fire on it, causing some damage to it. It returned fire, hitting the ships main shield generator heavily, the shields went offline, and it caused minor damage to the hull.
“Rak take over piloting, that was a hell of a hit.” Said Rebeka dashing back to the engine room.
“I’ll try and boost shield power.” Said Lan, moving from scanners to shields. Jace fired again; the IRD took some heavy damage and eventually took it out, sending the ship spiralling out of control.
“There’s another wing heading our way!” called Lan over the com as Rebeka returned to the cockpit. Mika appeared in the cargo bay door. “Take my advice and angle the deflector shields to the rear!” he called as she made her way up to the pilot seat and took over from Rak.
“Angle the deflector shields to the rear, can you do that?” she asked Lan.
“I can try,” he said, pressing the appropriate buttons.
The second wing was almost on them when Jurl alerted Rebeka they were far enough away from the planet. She hit the Hyperspace lever and the ship escaped there pursuers, leaving Endregaad, finally, behind.
“Where are we headed?” asked Lanyef, as Mika approached the cockpit.
“Droxu.” Said Rebeka, checking the flight plan.
“Droxu? Why not Ruusan? That’s where Popara was.”
“Could be a trap.” Said Jace.
“No, Droxu is one of our holdings, I’m certain that is where my father will be.” Insisted Mika.
“it’s your sibling we’re not so sure about.” Muttered Rebeka.
“I grant you, Zonnos is atypical, as Hutts go, but even he would not dare cross our father when the end is in sight.”

They reached the locked Destination after a day of hyperspace travel, chatting amongst each other for the duration. They learned that Mika did much of the business his father did, and has great respect for Force users. Mika held honesty and trust high on his list of desirable traits, and among Hutts he was considered somewhat odd. They entered orbit of the ringed moon Mika taking up a place in the cockpit and smiling broadly in relief.
“There’s a refitted space station on the dark side of the moon. Popara should be waiting for us there.”
They orbited the moon, reaching an ancient looking space station. While it looked old, it had fairly powerful shields and even more powerful weaponry. They noticed the Imru Ootmian was parked alongside. They docked with the station and almost as soon as they did they were approached by heavily suited Nikto spraying them with disinfecting mist. They continued onto the station, approaching Vago and H-3D3, and gave Mika a warmish smile, before leading the way onto the station.
“Jee lhokiua mee houanka bai pasa doe.” Said Vago congratulating him on his survival.
“Thank you, were it not for the people Father had sent however, I doubt I would be here.”
“I’m sure you would have,” admitted Rebeka.
“Don’t sell yourselves short.” Said Mika.
Vago led them through the station to the familiar halls of Popara’s Yacht, then to the audience chamber. The door opened, and no wookiee was in there way this time, instead Popara grinned and exclaimed cheerfully.
“Mika, Mah bukee, chobaso bata bai bu lanka.” He said welcoming him cheerfully.
Mika grinned and gave a slight bow, “Sonpa uba, Fa baa dan bai doth banki danko maee.” He said, thankful to be home.
“Paknee ata mee lumpa wei.” Said Popara, gesturing to the empty dais, and Mika acknowledged, moving to his place. Taking stock of the room, Popara was present with his Twi’lek Aides, Zonnos was alone on his dais with Gabbera. D Vago remained outside while H-3D3 translated the Huttese. Mika and Popara seemed pleased; Zonnos however looked like he’d eaten someone who’d disagreed with him. Then Popara turned his attention to the group, asking them to tell of their tale. Rebeka recanted the mission in detail and in Huttese; however she left out mentioning the Bomu raid for fear of claiming more of Zonnos’ wrath. However when Popara insisted anything personal could be discussed in front of his sons, Rebeka did mention the crab tracers. And the pirates, but kept Zonnos out of it. Mika also occasionally interjected with his own portion of the events when he came into the tale. When Tempest was mentioned, Popara seemed to frown thoughtfully.
“Tah tam bmela. Doth fa meeto toe disrupt tee chamy nanba?” he asked, concerned about the effect on his personal sales of glitterstim.
“Bu Tam Bmela doth ree, hee fa koee tee kaza camiuoy.” Said Mika, insisting the spice would indeed be popular due to its strong addicting effects.
The party explained the severity of those addicted to the spice, and Popara remained thoughtful.
“Oto vo ba apiua dah fa baa, jeejee dayan bai bla bu kacanka fa yoieu doptkee du bu ciduepe deana.” He said seriously to Mika, who agreed to keep an eye out for this new spice and prepare a plan to counter the sales.
“Um see pacmhanaduee, tah doth taa wata taa heee, uba nai mee uyat, an Dobra see pacmhanaduee hatkocanh bai lee chalya wa lhonu bargon cay bu maian see mah wei an vea uba gee woy che ten.” Said Popara.
“The powerful Popara understands you wish your rewards, and he is willing to give a great deal with the return of Mighty Mika and everything you have done for him.” Translated one of the Twi’leks.
He explained he would honour the agreed terms with Black Sun, and with glowing honours.
He also rewarded them with the ship they travelled in, a work force that would upgrade the Dawnstar, including at Rebeka’s request, a new paint job. He granted them the co-ordinates of the Indrexu Spiral’s back door route, which was only known to the Indrexu confederation and a handful of others, and mentioned it was quite valuable. He also gifted them 4,000 credits each in unmarked credits. He also granted them the gift of a favour each, that he would bestow upon them as they asked.
“Jee lee chalya uba bu lhonu danwoha da kae dotkola caiot dotmay bai bakenu, bu sonpala see wa Yih Lorda.” Said Popara.
“The almighty Popara gives you the greatest boon that any being can hope to obtain, the gratitude of a Hutt Lord.”
“The greatest reward of all,” said Rebeka bowing.
" Jee uoh mee can dah mah woceuea cohka, an hatkocanh canta see uba du bu jewz ku che kokaheoua da hatkocanh donsoha Sauepokag, momebag an."
“Wise Popara appreciates your efforts on his families’ behalf, and will think of you in the future for matters that will involve Tact, swiftness and competence.”

Vago escorted them out shortly after and returned to the newly gifted ship. The crew decided to receive additional armour and upgraded fire control for the Dawnstar, increasing its combat effectiveness and its damage capacity. Deciding this, they were bestowed a group of Nikto mechanics and the necessary materials before they returned to Ruusan. After just under two days they arrived at the station and the Nikto set to work putting the upgrades on the ship, both Rebeka and Jace watched them like hawks while the work was being done, Jace to ensure bombs weren’t being placed, and Rebeka out of the sheer fascination of the work being done. It was early morning by the time the Nikto foreman woke Rebeka up to inform her the work was finished, and seeing the dawnstar’s black, red and gold paint job she couldn’t help but give the surprised Nikto a hug. The team left and they now had to get both ships back to Tatooine. While Rak was reluctant to sell the new ship, altering it’s registry from the “Hutt and Steamy” to the “Dark star”, he did agree that the ship was more or less everyone’s. Lan and Rak set up the Hyperdrive slaving between the two ships while Rebeka and Jace called Terrn to let him know they had succeeded.
“Ah, it’s good to see you are both still alive.” Said Terrn, “I guess it wasn’t a trap after all.”
“It could have been. But we’re that good.” Said Rebeka smugly.
“good, I understand you have already completed your mission. Salarr called and did in fact mention that Black sun is in negotiations with the Hutt Cartel. I hope that’s a good thing. His parting message was simply don’t get in his way again.”
“That’s fine.” Said Rebeka.
“Did he surrender the rest of the Artefacts?” asked Jace.
“He did, and I believe they are being sent as we speak. I also understand he will no longer be doing the sith’s dirty work, so they may end up doing it themselves.”
“That’s good and bad.” Said Rebeka sceptically.
“more chance to run into Sith, no chance they will send black sun.” said Jace.
“Did you need us back immediately?” asked Rebeka.
“No, I imagine you could all do with a rest, and there is business I need to attend to anyway. I’ll be out of contact for a couple of weeks. So you have that long to do as you please.”

Four days later the party arrived back at Tatooine with the two ships, Rebeka setting up to land at the June farmstead. Once they landed they were greeted by several armed farm hands led by the bodyguard Rebeka had hired on Ryloth. Once she appeared on the ramp he ordered the farmhands to stand down.
“We didn’t recognise the ship, we assumed hostiles.” He said.
“That’s alright, our fault for not calling ahead.” Said Rebeka.
“And the other one?” said the bodyguard.
“Ours too.”
David peered out nervously, but relaxed when he saw his niece.
“I’m sorry; I really will start calling ahead.”
“Please do, especially if you change the look of your ship.” Said David. “I recognised the first ship, but the new style and the second ship made me concerned it was them again.”
Rak came over and gave the man a nod and a smile.
“This is Rak, he’s replaced U’tl on the crew because it got too much for him.” Said Rebeka, with a pang of sadness.
David shook his hand. “I understand, it was a difficult time, nice to meet you. If you need anything, I’ll try to provide it.”
“Thank you.” Said Rak.
After a brief visit to her father’s grave, which had been fenced off along with her mothers, probably due to the amount of traffic now at the farm, Rebeka hit the streets of Anchorhead to find a buyer for the Dark star. She found a prospective buyer, and using Jace to keep an eye on him as she showed him round. Eventually the man was impressed, and bought the ship for 470,000 credits. Rebeka gave her share to Rak given his disappointment in having to sell it.
With the money in Hand, Lanyef insisted that he start work on his ship, the Harmony, right away. While he and Rebeka would be quite competent, he needed to employ a few more mechanics if he really wanted the work doing within the time between now and Terrn’s return.
Rebeka suggested hiring Jawa’s, competent workers, but had a tendency to sell that which they worked on. Willing to take the risk given the likelihood of finding a group of law abiding techs were slim, Rebeka suggested asking Niklik for a contract.
They arrived at the cantina by late afternoon; Niklik had only just arrived when Lanyef explained to him his desire to hire a workforce. He agreed in exchange for the funds to be converted into scrap parts the Jawa’s could sell.
Lanyef struck a deal with Shivadee next to pay the Jawas in the scrap they desired, 5000 credits worth in exchange for four Jawa’s. The Harmony work begun the next day, while Jace went out to buy bomb components and Rak amused himself. The work went slower and more expensively then Lan expected, as the Jawa’s were good mechanics but lacked decent coordination. Daz, the Starship dock supervisor seemed slightly surprised work was finally being done on the scrap heap, but didn’t help him when asked. The fifth day came and the work was temporarily postponed when a gleaming silver droid was waiting for them in the bay.
“I have a message for a Lanyef Reolm.” Stated the droid.
“That’s me.” Said Lanyef warily.
The droid produced a datacard and handed it over, then left the bay without another word.
Lanyef read the letter on his datapad and groaned, “Oh, Sithspit.”
Rebeka peered over his shoulder to read, it was a letter from his parents, mentioning they were on Arkania and would like to see him.
“ooh, we should totally go see them.” Said Rebeka cheerfully.
He didn’t answer; in fact Lanyef was in a grumpy mood for much of the day. The Jawa’s did good work and when they left for the day the pair of them wandered back to the main gate, passing the Cantina. As they passed it, they noticed a tall Trandoshan with dark skin making its way into the cantina, with, to their surprise, Jace.



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