Artefacts of Old

Episode 25: A Hutt's Best Hope

Black Wing Station destroyed! With the datacron in there possession and the surviving members of Raven Squad aboard, The crew of the Dawnstar return to Meera, where a recent enemy has decided to seek peace…

The troops had made some arrangements when the crew had settled in for the journey. Halen and Ioca used the last two bunks in the crew area with Rak and Lan, while Sarin and No’laa set up beds in Rebeka’s quarters. Aside from the sleeping arrangements the troopers more or less kept to themselves, despite Rebeka trying to make them feel at home.
“Where are we headed?” asked Halen once they were settled in.
“Meera, it’s a planet in the unknown Regions, archeological dig site, space station, I think it’s Republic backed.” Said Rebeka uncertainly.
“In that case we should be able to get transport when we arrive.” Said Halen.
“I could help?”
“we can handle it.” Said Halen, and Rebeka decided it best to leave him be. She did however persuade him later to play a game of holochess, which he won. No’laa examined the upkeep of there medical bay, and was impressed with how well kept it was. She didn’t however enjoy Rak’s advances and in the end informed him thusly. Sarin and Ioca remained quiet for much of the trip, grieving for the losses endured.
They arrived at Meera station two days later, docking swiftly and everyone disembarked. The troopers saluted them as they made there farewells, everyone but Jace reciprocating in there own way.
“Take care, I hope you get back okay.” Said Rebeka.
“Yeah, Same to you.” Said Halen, and they marched over to a security station, while they went to get a shuttle down to there employer.

When they arrived at his office there was a sandstorm occurring on planet, but nothing the shields couldn’t divert. He also appeared to be conversing in the next room. Unable to deny her curious nature, Rebeka pressed herself against the door to try to hear more. Lanyef joined her, hearing Terrn talking to another more aggressive man, while trying to keep a civil tone.
“he’s talking about a suit of armour.” Added Lan just as Terrn came to the door and opened it to find them both listening. He was at first surprised then unamused by there closeness to the door, and they had the good grace to look sheepish.
“Hello.” Said Rebeka.
“hm…” he said, “it’s just as well you are here anyway, and eavesdropping.”
They both protested there innocence, while trying to examine who he was talking to. He was speaking with a male human with a tribal tattoo down the right side of his face, a scar down his right eye stopping at his chin, another crossing his nose. He wore battle armour that was black in colour. It had emblazoned upon his shoulders and chest the symbol of black sun.
He seemed mildly irritated until he caught sight of Rak, then he seemed to explode.
“YOU!!” he barked, Rebeka blocking Rak even though there was no hiding him.
“Bastard! You’re still alive? And worse you’re working with the very people killing my Lads! I won’t stand for this!”
“You’re all bastards, why wouldn’t we kill you.” Said Rebeka.
“Ladies, Gentlemen please.” Said Terrn, trying to mediate as much as possible. “Now, this is Mister Salarr, apparently he’s the leader of black sun. and he’s… well I suppose I may as well let him tell you.”
Salarr folded his arms, “Yeah, I reckon you should. To be brutal I’m not best pleased with you killing my lads at every opportunity. In fact I’m so frustrated by your continued interference I’m half tempted to put a bounty on every single one of your heads so high that you’ll not be able to go near a civilised star system without someone shooting at you!”
“Has he mentioned that black sun is a band of thieves and killers?” mentioned Rak.
“Shut your Mouth, Sleemo.”
“Sorry, is the truth not welcome here.”
“No truth comes out a thieves mouth.” Salarr spat, Rak didn’t retort, which only seemed to infuriate him more. “Anyway, as much as I’d love to have this ones head roll across my desk, I’m here to make a peace offering. While you have foiled a couple of attempts to retrieve these artefacts, My Vigo’s have done an adequate job elsewhere, and have recovered some of these artefacts. I’ll even admit the Empire hired me to recover these artefacts for them, and I had planned just to hand them over, but since all black sun seems to be is cannon fodder for your merry little war, I want out. Fortunately I know for a fact that the Sith don’t know I have these which is where you lot come in.”
“This is the problem, the Sith probably already know you do.” Said Rebeka.
“So it would be best for you if you just handed them over, and they can focus there attention on us.” Said Rak.
“You’d be surprised what they know.” Added Rebeka.
“Well, to be frank, I’d rather take my chances and make a profit out of it if you don’t mind.”
“The only profit you’ll get from the Sith is one less head on your shoulders.” Said Rak. “They’re even less trustworthy than you, and that’s saying something.”
“You don’t think I’ve killed Sith before,” he said, bragging slightly. “You don’t get to be the leader of an Organized Crime Syndicate without an impressive kill record.”
“While talking a good talk.”
“The point is in exchange for keeping out of this, and you and your mouthy friends Lives, I’ve got a job for you, which you will do, because there’s no other option. There’s a droid on Ruusan, named H-3D3, docking bay X23, you’re to meet him. Your to tell this droid that I sent you, in the spirit of friendship.”
“And what if we choose not to do this?” asked Lan.
“Then I put bounties on all your heads and you can’t do your job! Is it that hard to realise you don’t have a choice if you want an easy life?”
“And what happens then,” said Rak warily.
Salarr grinned unpleasantly. “he’ll give you some instructions, and your to carry them out. Once the job is done you can have your lives, the artefacts and my personal guarantee that as long as you stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours.”
“Can I talk to my colleagues for a moment, in private.” Said Rak.
“You can discuss in the other room if you wish.” Said Terrn.
“There’s nothing to discuss Rak! You do this or you die!” warned Salarr.
“there’s always a third option.” Said Rak, ushering everyone out into the office before continuing the discussion. “This is a terrible idea. We do not want to get in debt with these people. You do one thing for them and they’ll want you for something else, then something more.”
“He seems to think you’re already in debt with him.” Said Jace.
“That may be, but there’s no reason to get you involved.”
“If he has these artefacts, we’re already involved.” Said Rebeka.
“Well if he does have them, there are other ways to recover them.”
“I’m with Rak, it does seem like a trap.” Said Lanyef. “It sounds too… trappy.”
“it’s obviously a trap, but what else can we do?” Said Rebeka.
“Well, if you’re determined to do this job, we need to secure ourselves at least, we either draw up a contract or get one of the artefacts at least. Or get some proof he has them at least. I’ll not volunteer to die for this Sleemo if I can help it.”
“Establishing terms would be the best bet for now.” said Rebeka.
“I don’t think we can even trust him to stick to these terms.” Said Lan sceptically.
“What we do know is we can’t trust him.” Said Rak, “But if we can learn where he’s keeping the artefacts, that would be a start. We can say we’re taking the job and go from there.”
“That’s what I said, we should take the job no matter what, did’t say we had to do it.” Said Rebeka grinning.
“Presumably there artefacts will be at there HQ. he seems the kind of guy who’d want to keep an eye on them.” Said Lan.
We’re gonna want to see them before we go see some droid who is going to kill us.” Said Rak. “I’m surprised at a suit wearing business man like Terrn getting involved with someone like this.”
“he is desperate for those Artefacts.” Admitted Lan.
“hm…” said Rebeka.
“clearly.” Said Rak.
“or he’s being paid.” Said Lan.
“Then you’ve got to ask yourself whether you can trust him.” Said Rak.
“Are we taking this?” said Rebeka, not wanting to dwell on suspicions.
“On paper.” Said Lan.
“You’re the boss.” Said Rak.
“I’m not the boss, we all decide.” Said Rebeka.
“in that case, lets agree to see the artefacts, admit to do the job, and see where we go from there.” Said Rak.
“Okay.” Said Rebeka.
Jace nodded.
They returned inside, Terrn looked thoughtful as they entered. Salarr looked impatient.
“Before we agree to anything, we need to be certain you actually have these Artefacts.”
“he definitely has these artefacts, I’ve seen them for myself.”
Salarr snapped his fingers off hologram and a tattered suit of armour appeared and he held it up.
“Proof enough for you?”
“You are going to need to draw up a contract with this man and not just take his word.” Said Rak quietly to Terrn.
“I don’t plan to trust his word at all.” Insisted Terrn.
“We may need some back up if this goes wrong.” Said Rebeka.
“I’ve got a few favours I can pull. I can perhaps arrange for someone to follow your progress should you need it.”
Salarr handed the armour offscreen, “Well?”
“Alright.” Said Rebeka, unenthusiastically.
“Alright.” Said Salarr, smirking.
“How many artefacts do you have?” asked Jace.
“He has three, and I’ve seen them all.” Said Terrn.
“So we do the job, we get all three?” said Jace.
“That sounds fair, however if you are truly honest about this, you’ll release at least one of the Artefacts, Specifically the Armour.” Bargained Terrn.
Salarr considered this. “I’ll do you a favour, and release the other two. But I’ll keep the armour, given your interest in it.”
Terrn seemed a little frustrated by this counter proposal, but accepted.
“Very well, I’ll give you details on where to send them, and once I get confirmation of there delivery I will allow them to take on your request.”
“We’ll set off as soon as we hear that.” Agreed Rebeka.
Salarr leaned in, “See that you do.” He hissed, and slammed his hand down, the transmission cutting out.
Terrn rubbed his brow. “What a pleasant man.”
“Oh yes, lovely. We’ve dealt with worse though.” Said Rebeka.
“Well, I don’t doubt who he is. For him to locate me all the way out here and contact me. I daresay it won’t just be your heads that roll if you don’t do as he says.” He said Seriously.
I wouldn’t expect you to go out into a trap without some information on what may be in store for you. I suggest you return to the station, see if any of the spacers there know anything about this droid. Perhaps the information you uncover can tell you whether this is a trap or not.”
Rebeka recalled seeing Ruusan on the navicomputer, and knew it was an Ore mining world on the border of Sith and Hutt space, but belonged to neither.
“Then in theory, we should be able to land without incident.” Said Lanyef.
They handed over the Datacron while they remembered.
“Ah, I trust you had no trouble in recovering it?” said Terrn, placing it carefully on his desk.
They explained about the horrors of Black Wing Station. Terrn seemed to be shocked by there tale. “Zombies? One dares not believe such things. Surely they are nothing more than a mechanic for a holovid story? But I can see from your expressions this isn’t the case.”
“Well they don’t exist now.” Said Lan.
“a very strange illness, that shouldn’t spread.” Said Rebeka, though there was doubt in her voice.
“what are you going to do with that datacron?” said Jace.
“What I do with most other Artefacts. Keep them under lock and key until we can find a use for them or keep them out of Sith hands.”
“mmm…” said Rebeka sceptically.
“You aren’t storing them in one place are you?” asked Rak.
“No, I have several research stations dotted throughout the galaxy, I keep a few here, but most are kept elsewhere, on unmarked worlds. A few republic worlds also house these artefacts, as the lines between my expedition and the republic are beginning to strengthen.”
“Maybe you can get some additional protection,” asked Rebeka.
“I hope so.” Said Terrn “I have deposited eighty thousand credits in your account for your service. Good luck.”

They learned little about the droid, as it unsurprisingly was less important than it’s master. Popara the Hutt, leader of an impressive hutt family based on Nar Shaddaa. Unlike much of his kin, most of the spacers on the station had heard he was a fairly altruistic and compassionate hutt, but this didn’t make him any less accomplished. In fact he seemed so un-hutt like that it was likely because of this so many knew of him. When they returned to the ship they were a lot wiser and knowledgeable about the droids employer, and a holomail was waiting for them, expressing that the artefacts had been acquired and they had Terrn’s approval to leave. He also mentioned what he had learned, which was that Popara had two sons, Zonnos and Mika. Even as they set off, Rak had his doubts about working for black sun again, but Rebeka mentioned that it was probably going to help the Hutt, not black sun in the end.
“I’m not a fan of Hutts.” Grumbled Jace.
“Well… I’m not, but we don’t have much choice.” Said Rebeka.
“Least they’re not Mon Calamari.” Said Rak.
Rebeka giggled to herself.

3 days passed, An uneventful conversation with Jurl and the Droid head bore no fruit as to if they knew one another, and Rebeka promised to give him a droid body as soon as she could, though wanted to sell him off to avoid being murdered by him.
The Dawnstar arrived in the Ruusan system ahead of schedule. It was a busy port, but there was definitely a lack of Republic or Imperial presence in this system.
“This is Ruusan flight control, we don’t have you on our logs, please state the nature of your business.”
“We’re here to see a H-3D3 in docking bay X23.” Said Rak in reply.
“very well you will meet H-3D3 in Popara’s landing bay, sending flight path and landing coordinates now.”
They flew across Ruusans Arid surface to there docking bay, and Rebeka landed the ship easily enough. They arrived in docking bay X41, so they weren’t far from there destination. They paid there docking fees and headed over to the bay immediately. On the way they looked out of the windows lining the corridors, looking at the intense mining operation this space port supplied. They reached the bay after a fifteen minute walk, passing the local populace and offworlders alike. They were either human or Nikto, with one or two of other species occasionally passing them. Inside the bay was a large Caravel, pale and pristine, being loaded and unloaded with crates. The Imru Ootmian, they assumed. Nikto busied themselves about the port while A slender and youthful hutt looked on, his Jade green droid counterpart noticing there arrival and approaching them. He was a GE-3 model, ridiculously old, but in peak condition it seemed.
“H-3D3 at you Service, might I enquire about your business here?”
“Salarr sent us, in the spirit of friendship.” Said Rebeka.
“although we’re not actually affiliated with him in any way.” Said Rak hurriedly.
H-3D3 seemed puzzled, “We understood Black Sun was sending some of it’s men to assist The Honourable Popara with a problem.”
“That’s us.” Said Rebeka.
“If it’s a job, we are more than willing to help out.” Added Rak.
“Then you are here at Black Suns request. Excellent, The great Popara gave me no details, but he is very eager to have this job completed.”
“Brilliant.” Said Rebeka.
The droid gestured to them to follow him, and he approached the hutt near the Caravel.
“This is Vago, Personal Assistant of The Exalted Popara’s businesses.”
The Hutt looked at them, he looked very alert despite his appearance.
“And this is…” said the droid, queuing them to introduce themselves, Jace somewhat reluctantly.
Vago gave them a curt nod and looked to the droid. “Yoieu hoohah don uema, Popara bakanu ten.”
Then the hutt slid up the ramp.
“This way please.” Said The droid.
“it might be best to pretend you don’t understand them.” Whispered Rebeka to the others. Only Jace was the one who didn’t understand huttese. They got aboard and the Caravel took off, flying out of the hangar bay. This didn’t fill any of the party with confidence who were still suspicious that this was a trap.
“Where are we going?” asked Rebeka to the droid.
“The Imru Ootmian, Popara’s Yacht, may his eyes forever shine brightly.”
Vago seemed to relax somewhat now they were returning, a brief glance out the forward viewport showed they were heading for what looked like a silver dagger in space. The Imru Ootmian was a sight to behold. Like a more advanced Caravel, the yacht was a polished chrome which gleamed like a jewel, and fascinated both Lan and Rebeka by it’s elegance. They eventually landed after a few passes and Vago gestured to them to follow him. The four of them did so, the droid following behind. Meanwhile the nikto loaded the cargo off the caravel onto the yacht. As they made there way down a large beautifully furnished corridor, they looked on either side of them at the alcoves that had various artworks and objects of differing style displayed. Vago explained what each of the objects was while the droid translated, none of them were significant but all of them seemed priceless, and a few even had personal value. They also couldn’t help but notice the number of guards lining the corridor, armed with assorted weaponry as they arrived at the main door. Vago allowed them to approach the door as he activated the access.
As the door opened and Rebeka led the way in, she suddenly found a large brown wookiee in her way. Almost surprised as her, the Wookiee growled at her, making her jump.
“Hello.” She said, the wookiee wasn’t in any mood to talk it seemed snarling at her.
“Is he going to hurt us?” asked Rak of the droid.
“it might be prudent for you to move out of his path,” alerted H-3D3. Rebeka moved aside and the wookiee stormed off down the corridor.
They entered the chamber proper, a dark and dimly lit chamber, smelling vaguely of mould and spoiled meat. It still remained richly furnished, and three deep alcoves were built into the remaining walls of the chamber. Each alcove had a dias, upon the first of which ahead of them sat a greying Hutt among elaborate tapestrys and cushions, being washed with sponges by three twi’leks who appeared to be triplets and wearing beautiful robes while Two nikto guarded his alcove outside. To there right was another Hutt, much younger in appearance with a pipe in his mouth and a purple stripe down his back. He shared his dias with three wookiees, whom seemed to be enjoying a laugh and a joke with him, while consuming Ale. The last dias on the left was empty, and had no trimmings unlike the others. As they took this in, the wookiee that had left returned, with two kegs, one under each arm.
“May I present, his most mighty and powerful, his most wise and generous master, his most understanding and thoughtful leader, Popara the Hutt!” said H-3D3 gesturing to the Old Hutt, after a soft grunt from Vago outside.
Out of courtesy, both Rak and Rebeka gave a bow, the others didn’t. Even so, Popara gave a slight nod in greeting.
He looked at the Twi’lek at his arm and gave a nod.
“Make your case.” She said in Basic.
The four of them looked puzzled. “We understood you had a problem.” Said Rebeka uncertainly.
Popara muttered to the Twi’lek. “The Great Popara was under the impression that Black sun was to assist with his problem, but you do not appear to be them.”
“We were sent in there stead.” Said Rebeka as politely as she could.
“Then you must know that Black Sun favoured an alliance with the Hutt clans, in exchange for some of Popara’s personal troubles to be solved.”
“Yes, we understood that to be the case.” Said Rak, though it was the first they had heard of it. Rak fluently praised Popara, and brokered the deal expertly with some help with Rebeka, and it certainly didn’t come across as though Rak was doing it for Black Sun, but rather they were there to help him, not them. Either way, Popara seemed satisfied.
“Mee Mo doth ritke an Jee baplamka mee yo ho. Um haku Jee sayey doi uba ah bargon. Wa woiay che wa woiay.” Boomed Popara, the first time he had spoken directly to them.
“Your Offer is fair and the mighty Popara accepts your offering. But what The illustrious Popara desires from you is a service. A favour for a favour.” Translated the Twi’lek.
The party secretly hoped it didn’t involve sponging.
“It is an altruistic effort, and if you do this for him, you will get what you came for.” She added.
“I can get behind that.” Said Lan.
“Jee hatkocanh banpop da kaa uba woy meuokee bai bai yauma Teshe Bin du tah, Jee hatkocanh uyat uba bamohh, doptkahee see da pea uba gee roe saconba.”
“He’ll also ensure that anything you do with regards to helping Black Sun in this, he will reward you separately, outside of that which you have already asked.
“That seems completely fair.” Agreed Rak, the others nodding.
“Then am I to take it you are to accept his most gracious offer?” asked the woman.
“We do, oh wise and powerful Popara,” said Rak bowing, checking with the others before speaking.
“Bu Planeeto Donbhasoou du bu Hea Dahoy doth vehpobaa cay wa banieie koutona-asa an gee doth quarantine cay bu Indrexu Panwabahola. Taneee yoieu dah mo mo planeeto ban heee cahcata. Jee gee yanee chalanh dah Donbhasoou an hatkocanh bacaka uba bai geeb Kabelen Bmela bai bu camai see da planeeto.”
“The Planet Endregaad in the Tion Cluster is beset by a deadly disease and has been quarantined by the Indrexu Confederation. No one gets on or off planet without there permission. The mighty Popara has business interests on Endregaad and would like you to deliver Medicinal Spice to the people of that planet.” Translated the woman.
“Che tah Jee hatkocanh moolee uba cay bu pankpa, bu bmela, an bu coordinates dee Indrexu Yauepwahe.”
“For this he will provide you with the ship, the spice, and the coordinates of the Indrexu Spiral. Will you accept this?”
They agreed, The indrexu spiral was well within Sith Territory, but the Indrexu Confederation was in control of much of the routes into it. They had however remained neutral when the Sith had reached the negotiation stage of the stalemate.

“See pacmhanaduee doth fa peee becmi peee geeb bmela Jee hatkocanh sinsa kae catkkhana pomekon bai woy fa. Dotkot andoba kokaheoua Jee dayan babhat. Jee gee dopa Kanwon, Zonnos, coo doth wata bai mah saptkhe…”
“Of course were it as simple as delivering spice he would hire any tug captain to do it. There is another matter he needs addressed. He has two Children, Zonnos, who is here to his right…” Popara gestured to the Hutt, who thus far had merely spent his time sniggering and chuckling at the four of them, muttering insults just in earshot of them in huttese to his wookiees. Nevertheless, Rebeka bowed to him, though this did nothing to gain his respect. Popara gave him a warning glance that his Son obeyed.
“Mah rin kanwon, Mika, doth dah Donbhasoou, chahsa cha lanka yanee. Bankop tee janu bu quarantine doth hhiba an bu duapoba eeth du lumpa, heee gee doth nobata cohai doi jen. Bu Indrexu Panwabahola chespo koumi ai cay kanwahca, an doth tee chalanh du bu chaduae see wa wompa. Jee banag uba bai jonba dah Donbhasoou an boonowa Mika. Goo doth rin an impulsive, Jee donee che bo tee dotkola.“”
“His youngest child, Mika, is on Endregaad, taking care of clan business. Since the quarantine was imposed and the blockade put in place, there has been no word from him. The Indrexu Confederation have been less than forthcoming with information, and is not interested in the problems of a concerned parent.
The illustrious Popara wants you to land on Endregaad and find Mika. He is young and impulsive, and he worries for his wellbeing. Can the Mighty Popara trust you with this delicate matter?”
They agreed, more earnestly.
“The Considerate Popara will now answer any questions you may have.” Said the Twi’lek.
Zonnos suddenly became more animate. “Dan Progenitor mesohba heee an bankop uba. La caiot tee dokoi cot wa Gundark jaaneba, kiuke koumi pasa doe bai bom Mika. Jot mi banba mah Wooky bai bom mah hhayaha.” He said.
Popara closed his eyes, considering his sons plea to let his wookies go in there stead, as Zonnos believed them too weak.
“Nobata. Jee phaba dotkot wa lhonu yoyohba see biplata whao Jee banba hoohah.” Boomed Popara, denying his request.
“Mah pateessa an Jee doth gusha, uba caiot eeth mee poo noo du ten.” Said Rebeka, breaking the supposed speech barrier and insisting Zonnos could trust them.
Popara grinned widely, Zonnos however snorted and shook his head. “Dobra gahke mee wooky doth wahke” Rebeka added, not disrespecting the strength of your average wookiee.
Zonnos laughed unpleasantly, “Hee jot ten eeth fa bai bu dopo, Jee poupiua bu koumuaee see mah wooky caiot paknee ata kae bo see uba.” He said, challenging them.
“Jobabasa Zonnos, jeejee nah banag bai killee bo see mee pateessa.” Said Rak, insisting they did not want to kill the wookiee.
Zonnos laughed, “Kaa poy mi, tee bai bu kahka, wa latka see wahkala doth tytung Jee catkiua.” He said, insisting that it be until a challenger couldn’t continue.
Popara nodded,” Jee paknee ata mee buttmalia mah kanwon, Cheska bo kankay uba coo chahsa bai dohopka cay wa wooky?”
They let Jace know what was transpiring and he accepted the challenge, stepping forward. Zonnos then put the odds on Jace winning at 3 to 1. All the party and Popara accepting the bet. The nikto guards gestured the others to the back of the room while Jace and the Wookiee who was at the door approached the centre of the room. Popara’s only stipulation was the use of fists only. They accepted this.
“Dokoi!” boomed Popara, And Jace immediately swung out, punching the wookiee in the chest several times while he was distracted with his showboating. The Wookiee shook itself and went on the offensive. He went to grab him, Jace throwing a strong punch at the wookies Jaw that knocked him away.
“Come on Jace! They called us a back up band in a third rate cantina!” shouted Rebeka among the cheers and roars of the spectators. Jace swung heavy blows causing more pain to the hairy humanoid, the wookiee growling in anger and frustration. It snatched a nikto guards pike and swung at Jace, but the training Jace had endured far exceeded that the wookiee had, and his wide swing failed to connect and gave Jace another opening. He hit him in the gut, bending him over to take his uppercut fully, blood pouring from the wookiee’s nose and mouth, the large wookiee fell back on the deck, his friends and Zonnos were mortified, Popara laughed and his Twi’leks applauded along with the party. The party received there credits.
“You may want to get your friend an Ale after that.” Said Rebeka nodding to the dazed wookiee, but he seemed to get better quickly when a couple of the Twi’leks laid there hands on the injured wookiee and he seemed to recover. Jace said nothing and got his gear back from his companions.
" Jee canta la doth dan biweoo bai pha Mika." Said Popara, adamant he would send them now. Zonnos recovered well, and simply shrugged. The wookiee returned to his friends, who seemed to ridicule him for his loss, and he even seemed embarrassed.
" Bu yanee doth wen hee. Vago hatkocanh gee bu sakoi whao uba cohai cay jen." Said Popara, ending the meeting and suggesting they see Vago for more details.
“Thank you, mighty Popara, your faith in us will not go unrewarded.” Said Rebeka bowing.
Just as they left Popara called to Jace who looked back.
“Find my Boy,” he boomed in perfect basic. Jace nodded.

Vago gave them several datacards, one was information on endregaad, one information on Popara’s youngest child, information on the disease itself, and information on the confederation blockade.
" Bu Pankpa dah bu cetka ateema, bu bmela doth dotkola uohza, uba caiot baniatkeha cay hou wen. Kahse ree bu." He added
“The Ships on the ground now, the spice is being loaded, you can take off by days end. Tomorrow at the latest.” Translated H-3D3
They were led back to the caravels and returned to Ruusan minutes later. Vago mentioned the ship was in docking bay X14 if they wished to view it, and took them to it. He answered there questions as best he could as they walked, until they reached the bay. H-3D3 had brought a small case with him, which Vago explained.
“Bo jotke kaa," he opened the case, revealing several vials and a hypodermic spray.” uba doth meeto toe dayan mee cop." Vago said smiling.
“Vago suggests you be immunised against the disease on Endregaad.”
The party couldn’t agree more, however Jace didn’t relish the idea of the hutt sticking him with needles so he declined.
Vago explained what he was injecting them with, and also explained that he was pretty sure it would work.
“Pretty sure?” said Rebeka doubtfully.
The droid translated that the solution had worked in the past with similar diseases, and was most likely to prevent the disease. He also gave Jace ten vials of the serum and another spray in a satchel.
" che lodia cay bu jaa jazonkoha. Oto vo dopa sapa che Mika hocan." Said Vago
“for negotiations with the local population. Keep two doses for Mika however.” Translated the droid.
“it is unknown whether the disease affects Hutts, however it is better to be safe than sorry.”

The Ship was huge. A Kernen Class Space Transport that was heavily modified.It was certainly bigger than the Dawnstar, but Rebeka was confident she could handle it. The interior was just as impressive, with separate rooms, two cargo bays, two quadlasers , ion cannons and even a medical bay with a bacta tank. The ship itself was well kept, only some minor collision damage seemed apparent, associated to previous blockade runs. Rebeka retrieved Jurl and the others took what gear they needed before locking the Dawnstar up and the cargo bay it resided in. They also used the time to read the data discs they’d been given. Learning more about the disease, the blockade, Mika and Endregaad.
Before they prepared for launch, Zonnos arrived at the docking bay on a repulsors sled, flanked by two wookiees and a rather sad looking creature, a Klatooinian, who appeared to be a slave judging by the collar. Unsurprisingly it seemed Zonnos dealt in the things his father didn’t.
They left the ship and met up with Zonnos, and the Klatooinian introduced himself
“I am Gabbera, and I speak for Zonnos.”
Zonnos picked up his cudgel and hit Gabbera with it. “Ah! Zonnos, may his digestion always be sound.
“Jee banag bai nai uba nyowkee dah mee ketea an dotkot nobata koucaue banka. Jee bla uba doth bolla don wa azalus soong an Jee banag uba bai bla uba gee bu bidkana see tee hih lanka.” Said Zonnos, smiling.
“The Illustrious Zannos wishes you luck on your mission and there are no hard feelings. He knows you are going into a dangerous situation and wants you to know you have the support of the entire clan.”
“Hocan, dooo whao uba flunka bai boonowa jen, mo Andros koumahcat uba boonowa jen peetch alay bai yauma jen. Kuna kee bancaie gee ba kankahuesa du bu lanka.” And he winked.
“However, even if you fail to find him, or Andros forbid you find him too late to help him, You will still have an ally in the clan. Zonnos trusts he is clear in the matter.”
The party were certain they knew what he was implying, but none of them chose to say it aloud.
" Jee banpop mo uba Gabbera peee wa Ceuah, goo gee ritke sag gusha lwaa uba dayan bo."
“Zonnos also–ah!- mighty Zonnos offers you me as a Pilot, I have fairly decent skill should you need one.”
“we’re fine, thank you.” Said Rak.
“Though we do appreciate your most generous offer.” Added Rebeka hurriedly.
" Ree tee, du da kanu Jee nai uba tee." Said Zonnos, wishing them well, and hovering out of the bay. With that final interruption they set course for Endregaad and while the ship was unfamiliar, the controls were more or less the same, and they set off, entering hyperspace.

Jurl had said the journey would take one and a half days, so they settled in for the trip. But as Rebeka headed to the engines to check them, she heard a tiny sound, unusual in comparison to the normal ship sounds. She drew her blaster and looked around, but saw no sign of the noise. She checked the vents and waited, but the noise didn’t occur again, she carried on, but kept her blaster drawn. Later, Jace heard a rattling while he was checking his gear. He scanned the room, then carried on, sending BMO to search the ship, but the droid found nothing. A few hours passed and Lanyef also heard it a gentle tink against the lip of his doorway. When he went out to investigate, he saw Rebeka coming the other way, assuming it was her. It wasn’t until late afternoon that Rebeka found what she hoped was the culprit. She noticed a small movement in one of the bunk rooms and chased it, locating what looked to be a rivet head with tiny legs. She’d never seen one, but Rebeka reckoned it was some sort of tracer broadcasting it’s location. She hurriedly put it in the airlock and spaced it.
“Everyone we have a spy.” Said Rebeka over her comlink.
“did you get him?” said Jace.
“I spaced it. It was a tracer, not sure who sent it but I bet there’s more.”
They scoured the ship, finding a couple more and returning them to Rebeka. She tested them and checked them over, but there wasn’t a lot to them, they were simply broadcasting there location.
Jace recognised the rivet colour as similar to that used on the Spice crates. After a thorough search he found four rivets missing, each in the same place. Lanyef, Rebeka and Jace hunted for the last one and found it on Lan’s bed, deactivating them all they salvaged what was left of the night to sleep.

They stirred a couple of hours before there arrival time and they dropped out of hyperspace in the Endregaad system. Then out of nowhere the ship was hit, Ion energy powering everything down, and a communication came over there comlink.
“Attention Freighter,” said a heavily accented voice in basic. “You are under attack by the illustrious Bomu clan of warriors, dump your spice now or prepare to be boarded!”



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