Artefacts of Old

Episode 21: Subterranean Tomb

After getting in touch with there spiritual side on Ossus, Rak Blackfire learns of the location of the next clue to the Orb of Lanaya’s location. With there destination set, Rebeka June, Lanyef Reolm and Jace follow there new crew member down into the Bathometric Offices, that Jedi Master Gar Anstak now calls his tomb…

The room they explored was another office, water dripped down from the ceiling and its contents were scattered, broken or rotted, depending on the material. Still a search of the room did uncover a credit chit for Lanyef. They moved on down the corridor, locating another office that they entered, again there was a small pool of water in the room, and they were all beginning to see the pattern. The Bathymetric Offices were originally completely submerged, and looked like they had been raised when the cataclysm hit, draining all the water out of the offices. They headed back into the corridors, a crossroad was up ahead. The left route had completely collapsed, the right led to another corridor, a set of lights moving parallel to them. There was also lights ahead of them, so they crept into the right corridor to avoid the droids patrols. They headed to one of the doors in the corridor as Rak and Jace kept an eye out at the crossroads. Suddenly the light sources up ahead turned to face them and marched towards them.
“Heads up, I think we’ve got trouble,” said Jace quietly, “Check the other corridor, make sure we don’t get flanked.”
Rak and Rebeka checked the other Corridor while Lan and Jace kept an eye on the patrol heading towards them. Jace popped out and blasted a droid apart with a couple of shots, damaging another droid and causing it to collapse. The two remaining droids marched towards them as Rak ran to there aid, shots being fired at jace who ducked behind the corner in time. Lan fired, hitting one in the head, causing it to explode and dropping it. Rebeka peered down the end of her corridor, seeing two ways to go, to her right though was another droid patrol, marching away from her. She shot one in the back the droid jerking due to damaged circuitry. Jace blasted the last of the droids standing to pieces, and destroying the damaged droid on the ground. Rak arrived too late and Jace turned to him.
“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be guarding that way, go!” he barked. Rak dashed back up the corridor as the security droid patrol turned on Rebeka. Blasting at her, but only one shot grazed her. Jace turned back to see one of the larger droids getting a firing resolution as it investigated the noise of the battle. Jace dived behind the wall too late as the cannon fired, blowing several chunks out of the wall and injuring Jace. Lanyef fired on the large droid, hitting through it’s armour and shields, clipping one leg. Rebeka caused some minor damage on the weakened droid as jace fired a flurry of shots at the large droid and dove back behind cover. Rak fired on two of the droids on rebeka’s side, destroying both in a barrage of blaster fire, as the damaged assault droid targeted Lan blasting him with a weapon designed to bring down light armoured vehicles. Unsurprisingly the Arkanian was severely injured, but he still managed to stay on his feet though his clothes smoked, and had some serious blaster scarring. He dove for the cover of the collapsed hall, injecting an adrenal into himself, while on the other side of the corridor, Rebeka and Rak avoided the droids weapon fire, and Rebeka damaging another droid enough to collapse it. Jace loaded an Ion rocket into his wrist launcher and took an adrenal as Rak blasted the last droids apart. The assault droid moved awkwardly up the corridor, it found both Lan and Jace. While Lan attempted to feign death, the droid was not fooled, however the greater threat was the mandalorian to it’s left. The Droid fired striking Jace again with it’s cannonfire as he rolled away. Lan seeing how damaged the droid was Lan attempted to blast it in the back, but his vision was blurry and he missed. Rebeka ran to Jaces aid, but the mandalorian had it in hand, blasting the droid with an Ion rocket lowered the droids shields and confused it’s circuitry, then with a single shot, Jace blasted it, and it ceased functioning. “Still alive back there Lan?” called Jace, shining his glow rod at him.
“Yeah.” He managed through the pain.
Rebeka rushed to Lans aid, administering a Medpac while Jace loaded another Ion rocket into his wrist launcher. Rebeka helped the injured Lan move as they investigated one of the nearby doors. He was still injured but at least moving. The research offices they entered were of little importance, they found the remains of a Jedi and some droids in one office, his ancient lightsaber and a credit chit were all there was of value. They headed further to the right at the crossroads, turning left in the corridor parallel to the one they’d just come up. It ended at a right turn, and a corridor that looked like it hadn’t moved or drained.
“I guess we’re going swimming.” Said Rebeka.
Each of them got into the corridor, diving low into it and swimming through the overgrown plants, and the corpses of dead jedi and deactivated droids. Jace hacked the way through the plants until they came to a door. Jace opened the door, the room beyond was also mostly submerged. One side of it was raised by the disaster, and was water free. There was another door in this room, a large vault door, that Lan had the technical knowhow to unlock, and reveal the Artefacts stored within. None of them looked to be an Orb, but were likely valuable. Rebeka decided to take a mask that seemed to breath of it’s own accord encased in a fluid tank, figuring it might be valuable to at least Terrn. They moved on to the next door after a thorough search, the door opening to reveal an Airlock that separated the submerged corridor from the large room beyond. They activated the air lock, gulping down the air in the chamber as the water level lowered and removed there breath masks. This room had a thin layer of water in it by design, and most of the artefacts here were of a large size. Some of them were large plants that reacted to there presence by hiding, or a large crystal formation that looked beautiful but was incredibly tough. Much of the room was taken up by a huge skull, that probably belonged to an aquatic predator so big only it’s skull fitted in the room. As they examined the room fully, they were distracted when the airlock door suddenly closed, and the chamber filled with water. Then the entrance door opened and closed and the airlock process cycled again. None of them saw anything, drawing there blasters.
“Lan what did you do.” Asked Jace, he being the last person to touch the airlock controls.
The door opened and Jace opened fire, blaster shots hitting the exit door harmlessly.
“guess it was just nothing.” He said, but kept his blasters drawn as Rebeka approached the airlock. There was a binary screech, suddenly Rebeka saw four slits of red light and was struck across the face by an unseen force that suddenly became visible. Another became visible beside it. While kitted out to withstand and move about in water, Rebeka and Jace recognised the designs. They looked more imposing, but the droids were definitely the same as the ones on Mazhar and Kohlma, though black in colour.
“[Death to the Enemies of Taivus, Death to the Enemies of the Scourge.]” screeched the droids in binary. Jace didn’t care, launching an ion rocket at them both, there shields collapsed, but the droids themselves seemed only partially affected by the energy overload. He then fired on the droid, only hitting it once as it dodged his attacks. Rebeka blasted the one who hit her, causing damage to it’s central armour. The droid retaliated, drawing it’s sword and cutting her across the arm as she avoided it’s violent swing. The other droid grabbed at Lanyef, but the Arkanian was quick enough to avoid the sudden attempt. He fired off a shot, and the droid avoided it narrowly as Rak shot it, damaging it slightly in several places as it tried to avoid his shots. Jace moved in close blasting the other in front of Rebeka as she had to reload. The droid lashed at her with the blade again, Rebeka suffering a minor nick as it thrust at her. The other droid attempted to grab Lanyef again, overextending itself as it tried to grab him. Lan blasted it in the head causing a chunk of it’s armour to dent. Rak blasting the droid near Rebeka and damaging it severely. Jace fired wide, missing the droid beset on Lan, then brought his other pistol up, lowering his guard momentarily for the droid to strike him in the side with its sword. Jace fired the shot damaging the droid slightly and hit the droid across the side of the head, though the droid simply took the strike in it’s stride, turning back to face Jace. Rebeka blasted her droid again, but still the shorting automaton refused to give up. Jace took another couple of strikes from the droid he’d drawn the attention of, as Rebeka avoided a quick grab from the other droid. Rak blasted it as it was caught off guard, trashing it’s chest and head the droid screeching it’s last. Rak and Lanyef sure they heard a woman’s scream as well. Jace dove back, reloading his heavy blaster and shot the droid in the leg, blasting off it’s armour attached to it’s leg. Rebeka found her blaster only had a few shots in it and had to replace the pack again as the droid made one last gambit. It fired it’s flechette pistol at point blank range into Lanyef, filling the hapless arkanian full of shredding needles, the pellets also finished off the droid, shredding its circuitry and destroying it’s head, Screeching it’s last moments. There was not a lot left of either, but Rebeka managed to salvage one of the droids alien nervous systems for the Republic to examine, but it was now clear that these droids were designed by the Scourge.
They left the vault and headed back into the submerged corridor after once more tending to Lanyef’s wounds. They followed the corridor round, entering another submerged room. It looked to be some sort of mess hall, though it was submerged, so likely fed the aquatic workers here when it was still an office. While searching the room, Lanyef and Rebeka came across the remains of the jedi who had the orb, Master Gar Anstak. He was clearly dead, his head caved in by likely falling rubble. He also had something held in one tentacle, which Rebeka gingerly pried from it. It looked to be an ancient holographic projector, which Rebeka turned on. A small image of the late master Anstak appeared in her hand, speaking they assumed in his home language. They’d need a protocol droid if they were going to understand his last recording. Aside from dead creatures likely used as a foodstuff and rotting algae, it seemed unlikely there was anything else worth salvaging, and Rak was still sure there was more to find. They carried on, avoiding another collapsed corridor and reaching the end of the submerged corridors as they made there way out of the water drawing there weapons. The first door they came to looked to be the office of the dead jedi. Much of his furniture was intact, including the holobook Rak had seen in his vision. Rebeka opened the book, and a holographic map of a city floated above it, though none of them had any idea about it. Turning the pages they came across notes again only a Miaran could read, one more thing to translate.
“I think this is it.” Said Rak, certain now that this was all they had to find. They gave the office a once over, finding four lightsabers kept in one of the desk drawers. None of them worked, but all of them were made from materials you’d find on an ocean floor rather than for a lightsaber. They took them, believing they’d be of value to someone.
They headed down the long corridor to the pool they had entered the offices from in the first place, and swam back out into the canyon, again irradiation taking it’s toll on them as they arrived in the canyon basin. Jace used his jetpack to scale the canyon wall up to the top, there guide was still there, and surprised that they had only been gone a few hours. The others climbed to the grapples, Lanyef losing his footing, but thanks to Rebeka’s strength and speed, caught him before he fell. When they had climbed up the canyon successfully, the guide smiled.
“Did you wish to return to Alaron Brek? Or are you still on your path?”
“looks like we found what we needed, but we could do with some help.” Said Rebeka, “do you have any translators?”
“We don’t, there’s not been droids on this planet for over three centuries.”
“Do you recognise this city,” asked Rak, opening the holobook to the map. The guide gave it a thoughtful gaze.
“I’m afraid not.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, now, where did you wish to go?”
“We should head back to the ship, we’re done here.” Said Jace.
The guide nodded “alright, Alaron said you might choose this option, he said that when you leave this planet you are not to attack the imperial forces at all, in fact you should simply escape system.”
“That’s what we planned.” Said Rak.
“it’s imperative you don’t though, Alaron has made it so that you won’t be seen leaving.”
“can you take us to anyone about our sickness,” said Rebeka, not feeling well.
“I can attempt to cure it.” Said the guide. Everyone but Jace let him do so, and unsurprisingly the only one who didn’t feel better was Jace. He then led them to the ship bidding them farewell on there journey.
Rebeka gave the guide a Lollipop as a parting gift, in thanks. The guide returned the favour by handing her an energy cell with unusual parts welded to it.
“For luck.” He said smiling, and headed off across the wasteland.



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